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All workshops are custom designed, and facilitated, to meet the sexual health goals of the client. Noni Ayana’s goal is to approach each concern with an objective, educated, and extensively researched lesson plan to exceed client expectation, while increasing sexual health awareness and positive sexuality.

*One on One Consultation

Everyone has different sexual experiences and needs. You may feel as though you are not in a positive sexual space. Your negative energy could be a result of a past or current traumatic experience, low self-image, divorce, low libido, lack of trust, lack of support, etc. Maybe you desire guidance into a new sexual experience. A one on one consultation may be a way for you to discover a new sexual self perspective. Depending upon the severity or complexity of your dilemma, it’s possible more than one consultation may be necessary. Visit Noni Ayana’s counseling site for more information

*Youth Sexuality Education Workshops

Subtopics may include but are not limited to: Dating, Sexual Health, Relationships, Abstinence, Celibacy, Faith Based Sexuality, Teen Pregnancy, Contraception or Birth Control, Menstrual Hygiene, Safe Sex practices, etc.

*Adult Sexuality Education Workshops

Subtopics may include but are not limited to:  Gender Roles, Intimacy, Dating, Sexual Health, Menstrual Hygiene, Marriage, Parent/Child Sexuality Education, Contraception or Birth Control Methods, Sex as a Single Parent, Marital Sex, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Positions & Technique, Psycho-Sexuality, etc.

*Public Speaking 

Noni Ayana is often invited to publicly speak before both youth and adult audiences, including college students. Speeches are designed to educate the audience on a previously chosen topic by the client or by Noni Ayana.

*Bachelorette Party’s 

Noni Ayana can add some spice to your bachelorette party event by facilitating a sexy, fun filled, interactive event for the wife to be and her bridal party. With her knowledge and a few toys for demonstration, everyone is sure to run back to their partners with some new sexy tricks up their sleeve!

Noni Ayana’s ‘Passion Box’

Noni Ayana’s passion box includes all kinds of sexy tricks and treats, and possibly a few gadgets and devices for exploring a new sexual realm alone or with a partner. Each passion box is custom designed to fit the individual or relationship sexual needs and curiosities. A consultation and/or educational session on the contents of the box may be necessary to experience the numerous possibilities of sexual pleasure. If buying as a gift, a brief consultation with the purchaser may be necessary to ensure choice of contents are individual/relationship specific, and appropriate.

Please keep in mind the passion box should be treated as a collectors item. Each item of the box will be chosen with considerable thought and attention. Your passion box should be treated with special attention, care, and appreciation.

Price ranges may vary depending upon the needs of the client.

*Girls Night Out

keep-calm-enjoy-a-girls-night-outA fun night for you and the girls! Sexologist Noni Ayana will perform a complete presentation discussing a sexually related topic of the hosts choice. GIRLS NIGHT OUT, may be hosted at a private venue or rented space, and may be included as added entertainment for a bachelorette party, birthday party, etc.

GIRLS NIGHT OUT typically consists of topics and/or displays that include adult novelty’s and toys (i.e. lubricants, dildos & dongs, vibrators, etc.), positions & techniques for PVI (penis/vaginal intercouse), masturbation, oral, anal, and some kink.

GIRLS NIGHT OUT is designed for women to experience sexuality in a new way. Have some fun discovering new ways to enjoy sexual pleasure!

Noni Ayana also does *Couples Night Out

Additional Specialities

For information on premarital sex/marital sex guidance counseling visit 

Food & Vaginal Health – creating a personalized food diet to obtain optimum vaginal health. For starters try the 30 DAY CHALLENGE TO VAGINAL HEALTH

All bookings & services are accompanied with a contract and fee based upon the agreement between Noni Ayana and client. All terms or conditions will be addressed at the time of booking. Please email

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  1. Hello,

    I hope all is well. My BFF is getting married, and I was hoping that I could book you for her Bachelorette Party August 26th. Thank you.

    Robyn S.

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