Hello INSIDERS and welcome to the 30 DAY CHALLENGE TO VAGINAL HEALTH!!!!

Yes, I came up with this insane, yet beautiful idea of eating absolutely no processed foods for 30 days. This challenge is designed for women to understand and experience how processed foods effect vaginal health. For those participating, I’m going to tell you now, this will be challenging. Your body is going to react, somewhat similar to withdrawal. Especially if your regular diet consists of foods high in salt and sugar.

sf52If your health is currently compromised, if you are diabetic, anemic, or in any condition in which your diet is currently restricted or limited, please consult a health professional before participating in this challenge. Of course this challenge will more likely be effective among women whose diet regularly consists of processed foods. If you eat minimal amounts of processed foods your results may not be as prominent, nevertheless any change to better vaginal health is great.

Throughout this challenge I would like you to journal your experience about every 3 to 4 days, beginning from January 1. You can purchase a journal or notepad, journal online, or your Smartphone. Please be very detailed about your experience (including possible effects on weight, skin, appetite, sight, brain functioning, etc.), and even more detailed about how eliminating processed foods has effected your vaginal health (including possible effects to vaginal discharge, odor/scent, taste of vaginal secretion, etc.) Including what you experience during menses and if there are any differences since eliminating processed foods.

FYI, most if not all women experience discharge and a vaginal scent. However, the key is knowing when and how your discharge and vaginal scent is affected by diet, and if both show symptoms of infection. Refer to the bottom of my post “5 Facts about Sex : Vaginal Infections” for additional information about symptoms of infections.

If you are unsure about what processed foods are, please refer to my latest post “Keeping It Clean: Food and Vaginal Health”.

Right before you began the challenge test your vaginal pH/vaginal acidity. You can purchase a vaginal pH test kit at your local drugstore, and online. You can also Google other options to purchase a kit; when purchasing from your local retailer, call first to ensure the kit is in stock. thCATWWADMThe kit will provide your current acidity level. At the end of the 30 day challenge, test your pH again. Record any changes. Record if there were no changes. If you are unable to purchase a vaginal pH kit, that’s okay.

I highly suggest budgeting, planning your meals ahead of time, researching recipe’s, cooking techniques, identifying unprocessed foods, and so on ahead of time so you can be well prepared for your 30 day journey. I tend to eat more processed foods when I’m less prepared, running late, etc. This will minimize the chances of you cheating (eating a processed food). If you cheat that’s okay too. However, journal that you cheated, including the processed food you ate and if it had any effect, than immediately return to the challenge. Of course the goal is to not eat any processed foods! The goal is to consume all whole foods!

I AM GOING TO JOIN YOU! I will be doing everything you’re doing. I will also be getting some awesome food advice from my personal friends that specialize in food and nutrition and sharing that advice with you on a weekly basis.

If you haven’t already, please subscribe and become an INSIDER today!!! All INSIDERS will automatically receive notifications of any updated posts about the challenge, in addition to posts of my video log, sharing my personal challenges of eliminating processed foods from my daily diet. Just go to the home page and look for the caption “Follow Noni Ayana via Email” and enter your email address.

PLEASE ‘REPLY’ YOUR EXPERIENCES BELOW !!!! If you are concerned about exposing your identity and/or details of your vaginal status, feel free to create an email that does not include your name and post your comments. If you have any questions or concerns feel free to contact me.

Good luck!

NEXT! 30 DAY CHALLENGE: PREPARATION  including tips from clinical dietitian and nutritionist Katrice Mayo, R.D.

-Noni Ayana


11 thoughts

  1. I started eating right a month bc the Dr. said my blood-sugar was up and that I might have 2 go insulin I said oh no! I cant do that he said better do something and I did no process food as a matter of fact I was scare 2 eat anything for a week just water and a little fruit I lost 10lbs that first week nothing but fluid(smh) the 2nd week salad’s I don’t care that much for salad but I did it,i’ve lost 16lbs so far and I can’t forget the exercise,so i’m still trying 2 do right bc I want 2 live..thank u for listen…Dot Hardy

    • Yes, especially for someone who’s sugar levels are imbalanced, diet can have a great impact on overall health, and more specifically vaginal health. Diabetics are more prone to infection due to sugar increasing growth of yeast. Good job on taking the initiative to improve your help the natural and safe way; eliminating processed foods & daily exercise. The cure is in the food!!! Thanks for sharing 🙂

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