My Experience With Weight Loss

Hello everyone!!!

I know it’s been a while since I’ve written on my blog. Thank you so much for your continued loyalty and support.

I recently set a goal to lose weight, and to do that I needed to dedicate my time and efforts to a well thought out plan including food prep, and daily exercise. I lost almost 20 pounds without a gym membership in 4 months. I took advantage of Atlanta’s very warm summer, and took my workout to a few nature trails, several times a week I’d climb Kennesaw Mountain, and other times I’d work out at home. I ate “mostly” a plant based diet, and I also participated in a 7 day juice detox, which was really interesting. I definitely need to do a video describing THAT experience lol. I actually love working out, and I get excited when discovering new ways to challenge my body strength and endurance. Plus, I gotta admit, my body feels very different, but very good without the extra weight. Watch the video and comment how a weight difference has changed your life!

Side note: Weight gain or loss may also affect sex, endurance during sex, and positioning. Weight gain or loss may also affect body esteem and sexual esteem. Before I go any further I’m starting to realize this is another video I need to make lol. Stay tuned!


~Noni Ayana, M.Ed. @sexologist_na

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