The Church and Sex

As you know, I’ve always expressed my advocacy for sexuality education to be taught in the church. Unfortunately, when you mention the word sexuality church people immediately think the agenda is to talk about sex and not actually discuss human sexuality, which are two different topics. They say the Bible gives clear instruction; not really. Because if this was the case there wouldn’t be the plethora of books today, designed to educate people on how to interpret the Bible. When it comes to discussing the topic of sex, church leadership seems to get a bit uptight. There’s something interesting about male centered church congregations that are unwilling to include discussions about sexuality among their church members. I don’t think many churches desire progression, I think many of them are operated by a bunch of men that have control issues; thus the slow progression of many churches, especially church congregations that are predominantly African-American. The Black church is similar to many Black (heterosexual) marriages, it’s really the women doing all of the work, yet submitting to the man as head of the household, simply because he has a penis.

Tradition is no longer effective when it is the root of dysfunction. ~Noni Ayana

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