I’m Vegan for 30 Days, and I’m Hungry as Hell!

OMG! I decided to really challenge myself, and try something new! I do this every year, and I’d have to admit, I do feel a sense of accomplishment once it’s all said and done. There’s nothing like keeping a promise you made to yourself, and the only one who can truly hold you accountable is you.

Well this week I have been tested over and over again, and I’ve still managed to not break down and buy the biggest piece of lamb I can find! I recently experienced a weak moment, that caught me unprepared. I had made a mixture of chickpeas, black quinoa, diced red onion, sliced jalapeños, and other seasonings. It was quite tasty, just not aesthetically pleasing lol. I was craving protein, and my chickpea mix was a quick fix. I didn’t measure my ingredients, and made too much. I ate about half, and stuck the remainder in the fridge just in case I had another protein craving.

Well, the next day I actually began craving fish. Fish tacos to be exact. So I thought about what foods I could use to make a vegan taco. The problem was, I didn’t really want any type of bread. I decided to use a red cabbage leaf; it’s sturdy but bendable, and high in nutritional value. I also used my mix of chickpeas and black quinoa as the meat; which probably had just as much if not more protein than fish. I then made an avocado dressing. The ingredients included 1 avocado, fresh lime juice, a few cloves of fresh garlic, a few slices of poblano pepper, and salt and black pepper.

It totally looked weird, and this is why there is no picture! But, it was actually pretty good! I experienced a variety of textures; from the crunch of the cabbage (that I kept raw), to the creaminess of the dressing. There was literally a vegan party going on in my mouth lol.

FYI, avocado dressing makes everything taste better.

~Noni Ayana

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