Sexologist Noni Ayana’s Thoughts on Atlanta #TeacherBae

Many are outraged with the 4th grade paraprofessional, social media has nicknamed #teacherbae and her work attire. I have yet to hear any parents complain about their child not doing well or has lost focus in the classroom, due to what the teacher is wearing. The fact that many have sexualized 4th graders is astonishing to me. When you feel your child could view “her” as a sexual being instead of an educator, you are admitting that your 4th grader is a sexual being as well. Yet, many “of you” refuse to talk to your children about sex or provide any really sexuality education. Well this is interesting. Many of the complaints on my social media timelines are from women, and frankly these comments are just flat-out, hate. I have had crushes on teachers, and their clothing had little to do with it. Mothers, you can’t stop your 4th grader from having a crush on the teacher. She could be dressed as nun, and a student may still find her attractive. This is not uncommon behaviors, or experiences among teachers. We tend to become attracted to authoritative professionals; especially teachers, whom are mostly women, resembling that mother like figure.

Still, I am a bit perturbed. Black women overwhelmingly police Black female bodies. We are often “the first” to say what is or is not appropriate. Why, because we are still seeking validation from a society that does not value people of color, or the female body for that matter. Many of us are still attempting to uphold values that are more in line with the status quo, than truly assessing the relevance of the matter. Some commenters are saying she’s dressed “too sexy”. What the hell does that mean? She wasn’t exactly wearing bathing suits; in the classroom at least. As a “somewhat” (lol) full-figured woman, I can tell you that there are some (modest) clothing items I can wear, and you still gone see dat ass. Many will still wonder what I got going on under all of that “modest apparel”.

So why won’t some of y’all say what you really want to say, but don’t want to admit. “She’s sexy, attractive, has this great body and confidence, and I’m not even close to looking like that or feeling that way about myself. So I’ll be mad at her, point out what I think are her flaws, and make her life miserable. Putting her down makes me feel better about myself.”

Because of your hate, and all of this unwarranted social media exposure, the Atlanta Public School system has decided to address her work attire.

Giving some serious eye roll and side eye right now. I wish you all the best Patrice!


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