They Love Me, They Love Me Not

Are Black men more infuriated about the injustices displayed toward Black men, than they are about the injustice displayed toward Black women? Are we so caught up in women being in a “woman’s place” that when women are not, punishment is a justifiable means? How is it that Black women have become the backbone to the spineless. What is this thing that continues to perpetuate the idea that all things male and masculine is above all things female and feminine? We are more concerned about the social implications of a powerLESS Black man, than we are of the one which gave him life. We are too busy loving our sons, yet raising our daughters. Many Black men are allowed to become leaders by default, having nothing to do with character or skill, but having mostly to do with the presence of the penis. Meanwhile Black women have endured marginalization within and outside the African American community; all the while remaining loyal to the very community that continues to chastise her.

Your goal to achieve “manhood” should not be dependent upon how I express my womanhood. Men do not own masculinity, nor do women own femininity. I do however, own my being.

Is there a way to not perpetuate a misogynistic culture, and continue to prescribe to belief systems and religious faiths long held by many African Americans? I’ll let you think on that.

Because of many social norms people are not living in their truth, instead they are slowly dying inside. Poisoning anyone close by so they won’t be alone in their misery. I shouldn’t have to suffer due to your self discontent.

Be you. Be bold. Be courageous, and live dammit, live!

~Sexologist, Noni Ayana


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