Now that this has happened, what is the plan?

This morning, I awoke from my sleep feeling overwhelmed, and concerned for the men of my community. My father was the first to teach me about Black life, what it means to be Black, and how the world views Black people. I was given the gift of Black pride. Yet, I find it interesting that a world of many cultures can share the same belief about one race. How is it that Black people for so long, have been the target? Why is it that Black people are often suffering and dying? Racism has been quite successful with causing much division within African American communities, and among other communities the include people of color. Internalized inferiority has eaten away at the very core of Black spaces. We have accepted and perpetuated this society as we know it and live it; a capitalist society that has no problem with taking lives to maintain its perceived superiority.

Much of this is about perception. Oh how dangerous perception can be. I would dare say that most of the people that are racist toward Black people, do not know any Black people personally. Their ideas about Black life are created from racialized images of multimedia, and propaganda. In essence, “the plan” is working. What the world needs to understand, and what we need to appreciate is that African American communities are multi-dimensional. We are multi-faceted. A mug shot does not represent who we are as a people, but the mug shot is what the world sees, and sees often.

We often say, African American “community”. Where is this community? We will come together to celebrate, but we won’t come together to create…a plan. Go ahead and pray, say your prayers for the deceased and their loved ones. Perform your religious ritual, but please consider a plan of action.

How do we start? We start by invading spaces that tend to put certain types of people in positions of power and control, and by not implementing past strategies that have proven to be ineffective.

~Noni Ayana

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