Hey! What’s going on with Noni Ayana?

Wow, we’re only 3 months into the year and INSIDE w/Noni Ayana has experienced tremendous growth! As of March 26th I start my private practice for online counseling with a speciality in premarital sex counseling. Make sure you check out the new website to find out what counseling with a sexologist is all about. www.noniayana.com

Since January 1st my  YouTube channel has increased in views by the thousands! BECOME A SUBSCRIBER TODAY!!

My apologies to my INSIDERS that typically join me in the 30 Day Challenge, life happened lol. So, because I was unable to to participate in the challenge on January 1st, I’ve decided to do a video series explaining the 30 Day Challenge, the benefits and the challenges. This video series will be added to my YouTube channel very soon!!! This way you can start your 30 Day Challenge whenever you want.

Although I’m moving on to do other things and focus on providing you as much sexuality education as I can, I will continue to update this website and blog as much as possible. Meanwhile I’ve only got a few classes left and will complete my M.Ed. in Human Sexuality Education by fall this year!

What about my radio show??? Yes! Still there! 10pm EST Sundays on Orange Room Radio! FYI, If I’m not on it’s because I’m away at school for that weekend.

Whew! Online counseling, YouTube, 30 Day Challenge, Website & Blog, Internet Radio, and that’s not everything!!! Some of my friends and relatives wonder why I don’t call or answer my phone. It’s because I’m a little busy.

Wishing you peace, love, and healthy sex.

Your sexologist,

~Noni Ayana





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