As a sexologist and blogger I’m continuously posting my latest blog and many times my blogs can be perceived as quite provocative. I often wonder which video blog or post is most likely to be reported as inappropriate or too graphic for a public audience and possibly removed.

Well, on New Year’s Eve I decided to review the Soloflesh, a sex toy for men on the live video streaming app Periscope. Making the video was a blast and a hell of way to bring in the new year! With a dildo and rubber replica of a vagina, you can only imagine how inappropriate and graphic I become after a few minutes into the video lol. Once posting the video on a few social media pages including YouTube (with a disclaimer of course) I waited to see how viewers would respond.

One individual commented “OK no way I am going to watch that”. I suggested he visit the company’s website if the idea of viewing my video made him uncomfortable. He responded with “I won’t do that either I ain’t that kind of guy”. I asked him, what is that kind of guy?

His answer, “I’m the kind of guy that ain’t going on that site nither (his spelling) going to watch that video and I will just leave this comment chain now”.

Someone else commented to the video saying, “Different strokes for different folks. Nothing can replace love”. I thought to myself, sex toys aren’t made to replace love. Sex toys are for play. It’s a “toy” and toys are meant to be fun. Sex toys are used for discovering different ways to experience sexual pleasure. The use of sex toys may add a little something new to your sexual repertoire and perhaps encourage dialogue between partners. Using a sex toy or at least watching a video about one doesn’t make you a bad person. Focus should be placed on enjoyment safety and consent, not guilt or shame. Why shame someone for wanting to enjoy sex in a unique way? We all view and practice sexuality in our own way. Who am I to say how you live your sex life is better or worse than how I live my own. You don’t know my story and every one’s moral compass is influenced by a variety of social constructs.

Plus, you’d have to admit sex can have it’s dull moments; even if your sex has been blessed by the bonds of matrimony (sarcasm). Between how corporations use sexuality to exploit the consumer and the overall lack of comprehensive sexuality education, a few sex toys can go a long way. Adult life is filled with obligation and we often take life too seriously. Have some fun for a change. Go play with a few sex toys.

Just wondering, if you find and watch my soloflesh review will you be willing to learn something new and possibly be entertained, or will you be preoccupied with the obscenity of it all?

~Noni Ayana

5 thoughts

  1. Noni, I watched the solo flex video…and I thought it was informational…I wasn’t offended at all..kinda turned on…and actually, after watching I went to their website to order one for my dude (he wants to have a threesome) so I thought, hey I’ll make his dream come true…..😂, but they are out of production! Love your videos.

    • Hey! Yes I found out a few months ago the Soloflesh had been discontinued. I’m still trying to find out why. There are similar toys available though. Unfortunately, not as affordable as the Soloflesh.

  2. Call me old fashioned and I am somewhat sexually. I must admit that the thought of using toys has never been a turn on to me, however, I am a Scorpio and I probably would be with the right individual. I would definitely have one certain “NO” and we could experiment away.

  3. Im totally with you. Ive been blessed to have had a rich and bountiful sex filled life. Any effort, gadget, flesh, chemical, or thought i encourage to those ends. J obrien.

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