5 Key Ways I’ve Learned to Lose Weight and Gain A New Perspective on the Importance of Good Health

Realizing what eliminated foods causes the most weight loss – I’ve challenged my eating habits in many ways. For designated periods of time I have eliminated dairy, meat, starches, and processed foods. I noticed I lost the most weight when I eliminated meat from my daily food diet. I went 30 days without meat and lost 10 pounds without working out. Eliminating meat may not be an option for many, but you can decrease your meat intake by 30% to 50% and you will see a difference. If you are concerned about your source of protein, consider a protein supplement in addition to non-meat foods that provide protein.

Know when to quit – No more eating till the waistline of your pants is cutting off your circulation lol. Many of us feel as if we have to empty the plate. Well, maybe your plate is too big. When you fill your plate with food, can you still see the base of the plate? I also noticed the difference between feeding my body and feeding my mind. Many times your body has already told you its full, but your mind wants another slice, another scoop, another piece. Learn when to quit. Drinking plenty of water also helps.

Understanding the value of breakfast – Everyday my goal is to schedule a healthy breakfast and a snack before lunch. This means by noon I have eaten twice. Plus, you are less likely to overeat during lunch because your body is still working off the two earlier times you have eaten. A couple of hours after lunch I eat another snack then a late afternoon meal.
After dinner I have eaten 5 small meals, and by the end of the day I’m not really hungry anymore. I find the people I know with the healthiest weight tend to eat (healthy) regularly throughout the day.

Fast-food is rarely an option – Eliminating or minimizing my intake of meat certainly cut out fast food for me. If you think about it, many fast food menus are meat focused. When I decided to reduce my intake of processed food, well that was just the end of that. However, I found many restaurants that specialized in certain cuisines were likely to use fresher ingredients; such as Jamaican, African, Thai, Mexican, or Mediterranean cuisine, and many others.

Maintaining an active lifestyle – This year I participated in the Annual 30 Day Challenge to Vaginal Health. Eliminating processed foods not only created a healthy vaginal environment, I also lost weight. This year I decided to add a personal trainer only to experience a plethora of benefits. With a personal trainer I was able to target and strengthen parts of my body that had not been challenged in years. Daily workouts inspired me to be more active beyond the gym. Simple things such as longer walks with the dog, parking further away, walking instead of driving to the local store, taking the stairs instead of the elevator, taking walks in your neighborhood, or bike rides on the weekend. Sometimes just hanging out more instead of lying around the house can make a difference. My favorite is attending festivals, whether for art, music, or food I have a great time being out and active with my favorite people. Participate more in activities that keep the body in motion; yes sex, sex definitely keeps the body in motion.

Living my life in this way has helped me become more creative and adventurous with food, I am more healthy and fit, I have more energy, and my immune system is stronger. Prevention is key. I want my body to be healthy and capable. I have things to do, places to go, and people to see. This is a way of maximizing my body’s potential.

~Noni Ayana

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