How do you have sex?

10PM EST SUNDAY INSIDE w/Noni Ayana on Orange Room Radio

‘How Do You Have Sex? The Difference Between “F*cking and Making Love”

(audio recording of Sunday’s show)

*adult content for mature audiences only*


6 thoughts

  1. I am so fucked up right now been married for 16 years …have two adult children…and 3 small children at home…my wife has a in home daycare….I work forced overtime for the last 12years…I found out wife been talking to different men on blacklove. ..G plus. ..I went threw her phone bill ..called one of guys we talked…he told me it was true he lives in Brooklyn she lives in la…he said she sent picture of her masterbating. ..naked pictures. …submission. ..she never did this for me…I am mad as hell…I am 6ft 6 and don’t need this…I have good love 4 play and dick….

  2. Your questions are interesting, please educate me….currently, I’m not in a healthy relationship…anxiously await your response

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