Hello all, since I’ve begin the masters program fall of 2014 I’ve been focusing less on writing and more on school. Of course my change in focus has its benefits. I am very much enjoying my studies in human sexuality within an academic forum. Through continuous exploration, research, and discussion I have been able to increase my knowledge on a variety of sexual behaviors, lifestyles, and sexological world views. My growing interests of study includes marriage, sexuality and aging, living apart relationships, women’s health and hygiene, menstrual hygiene, and masculinities (I so love digging into the minds of men). I’m sure this list will continue to grow, however these topics have a special place in my heart.

In January I participated in my annual 30 day challenge to vaginal health. Yes, 30 days of no processed foods. The 30 day challenge to vaginal health helps women discover how processed foods can greatly affect PMS/PMDD, vaginal discharge, vaginal scent, sexual arousal and lubrication, and more. Last year, my experience was awesome! Once seeing such positive results, after the 30 days I began to slowly eliminate processed foods from my regular diet. A healthy vagina and a healthy weight is pretty cool.This year I added on a personal trainer. We are now in the month of May and I’m still working with my personal trainer Candace. The journey has been awesome and eye-opening.

As of Friday, May 8, 2015, my daughter and I decided to try a vegan diet. If you personally know me or regularly read my blogs, you know I am a lamb addict! The next 30 days will indeed be a challenge. I’m on the fifth day and I’m already noticing a difference. I’ve read in several study’s how scientists believe there is a strong correlation between highly acidic foods (such as meat and dairy) and, life threatening or terminal illnesses; more specifically illnesses effecting women’s reproductive health.

Am I trying to live longer, not necessarily. My focus is to feel good and be healthy today, and if I happen to live longer as a result, then so be it. There are many things I want to do. My bucket list is pretty awesome, and I don’t want something like poor health holding me back. Especially when for the most part, my health is something I can control. So, I am looking forward to 30 days of no meat, dairy, or processed foods. Of course after every challenge is a photo shoot. I should call up my good friend Maurice and figure out what the new look is going to be. I think I want to try a look that’s a bit more BDSM’ish; oh my.

To vegan life!

Noni Ayana

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