I am walking a path that has been uniquely created for me. My plan, my work, my vision is specifically for me to make a reality. I have to be strong enough to endure the rejection, humble enough to be thankful, and confident enough to continue moving forward; all the while listening, learning, and applying. Self motivation can be both electrifying and tiring and I’d have to admit there are times when I have no clue what to do next. There are times I just want to say to myself, fuck it. But I know deep within me is a purpose I can’t leave or run away from. Even if I tried I’d never be truly happy with myself for doing so.

My life has never been all that simple. I tend to test myself often making matters more challenging. I rarely follow tradition. I look for the time on my clock not the social clock. My way of living is not for everyone. Still, I urge all to “do you”. This phrase is profound and simple, but very difficult for many to do. Doing you may cause you to go against what you’ve been taught. Doing you may cost you friendships or other relationships. Doing you may cost you your job or career. Doing you may give you freedoms you’ve never experienced before, and that’s scary. Doing you may cause you to be honest with yourself. When we step out of our comfort zone we realize an entirely new world we can explore and conquer.

I’m not sure about you and what you seek out of life, but I seek peace and understanding. There is enough chaos in this world and I choose to separate myself from it, not be apart of it. My journey for peace and understanding began when I sought a more in-depth understanding of myself. I realized I spent too much energy reacting and being easily provoked. Some things, some situations, some people are not worth losing your sanity and peace of mind. Chose your battles wisely and ask yourself, “Is this battle worth it”. If it isn’t, then attempt to retreat unscathed. If it is, gather your shield and sword, and fight to win.

Noni Ayana

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