My 30 Day Challenge 2015


Noni Ayana 4Hello INSIDERS!!! So much to talk about and catch up on. My apologies for not updating you more during the past 30 days. I have been preparing for several upcoming events and projects. I am officially launching my brand INSIDE w/Noni Ayana and wherever you see the ‘NA’ logo just know its me!

My 30 day challenge experience was very different this year. In addition to eating mostly unprocessed foods, I hired a personal trainer. I say mostly because I did cheat every now and then lol. In 2014, I lost almost 10 pounds simply eliminating processed foods from my daily food diet. I was curious about how my body would change if I added a personal trainer; I would be losing weight and getting fit! The transformation was unbelievably quick. I noticed a difference in my physique after one week. When you’re consistently drinking lots of water, and eating (whole) veggies, fruits, beans, legumes, and minimally processed meats throughout the day your body starts dumping out all of that inadequately digested crap that tends to sit in your intestines for extended amounts of time (slowly eating away at your physical health), literally! In addition to my body cleansing, my skin was clearing and my eczema that tends to peak during the winter months had calmed considerably.
I will be revealing my weight loss at my event on Saturday, February 14, 2015 at Coze Atlanta.

Vaginally speaking….my menstrual cycle snuck up on me lol. I did not experience my usual warning signs of menstrual cramping. Processed foods have been known to affect PMS (premenstrual syndrome), in the worst kind of way. Only eating unprocessed foods, I experienced almost no PMS. My acidity level was lower which means my vaginal environment is less likely to experience infections such as urinary, yeast, or bacterial infections. My libido was (and still is) through the roof and vaginal discharge was minimal and clear. Not to say all woman reading this should experience minimal and clear vaginal discharge. Every vaginal environment is different and healthy may look and feel different for you. As long as your vaginal environment is healthy is all that matters. My vaginal scent was also affected. Most if not all vaginas have a vaginal scent, some stronger than others. Still, understanding how your body reacts to certain types of foods can make a world of difference.

This 30 day challenge teaches me so many things about myself. It teaches self-discipline, and you discover your strengths and weaknesses. Just as last year, I found it very difficult to eat processed foods after the challenge. A full cup of juice is almost too much sweet (sugar) for me. So I have dramatically reduced my intake of juices. I drink mostly water and many times fruit infused water. Sometimes I’ll add lemon, cucumbers, or mint leaves. Although I didn’t eat a lot of processed foods, I ate very well and all throughout the day; my metabolism was ridiculous. I was so accustomed to eating at least 4 times a day. Now, if I wait too long to eat I definitely feel it. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner are absolutely must haves. I typically snack in between.

Remember, the great thing about eating only whole (unprocessed foods) is that you can never eat too much! Well, let me take that back and say…..attempt to seek balance in your whole food regimen. A little of this, a little of that. Not too much of one thing.

If you want to no more about my experiences with the 30 day challenge, email me and I’ll be happy to offer my testimony and advice on how you too can see the difference 30 days can make.

Shout to my personal trainer Candace!!!

Noni Ayana


Photography: Ijumo Hayward


Hair: Starr Singleton 

4 thoughts

  1. I am so grateful that you chose me to help you on your challenge. You’ve done amazing work over this last month. It’s my job to push you hard, so I did, and you realized how strong you are!

    Looking forward to your continued transformation…!

  2. Thank you for your testimony. When I try to explain this to people they are always fighting me. It is usually the lazy ones with no desire to be disciplined in their eating and exercise. I eat clean, most times, however my battle with menopause takes it toll on me when it comes to managing my weight. I’m looking forward to any information you may discover in this area. Most information is always pushing a product. I’m surprised that women in the medical industry have not found a way to management menopausal effects without some type of OTC or prescription med. Clean eating does help some but I still had issues with brain fog and focus. Great job on your efforts and I am looking for to the unveiling of your new temple.

    • Thank you Angela for opening up about menopausal effects. I was just recently talking with a young lady in her 50’s about how there should be more active research and support for women within her age range, specifically discussing sexual health and the physical changes experienced during this specific stage in life. I believe I have found a new interest!!! I will definitely look into menopausal effects. Thank you for sharing 🙂

      FYI, yes many are realizing that the medical industry is severely lacking in sexuality education.

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