Fear of conceiving a BLACK MAN

Given the recent events happening throughout the U.S. I find this writing to be most appropriate. Ironically my most viewed post to date is titled ‘Black Men and the White Woman Fantasy’. Interesting….

INSIDE w/Noni Ayana

mamaafricaI have lived in this world for many years.

I understand what people like, what people love, what people adore, what people hate.

I observe behavior towards ideals, concepts, and perspectives.

I think about the possibilities, I try to have hope, I attempt to conquer.

As a black woman, when my man makes love to me it is the essence of humanity. Through our sexuality we are closest to the earth. It is very natural, authentic, and real.

But when I conceive, if our coming together brings to this world another black man, my hope evolves into a concern many others cannot identify. Others cannot relate.

This black baby will grow into a black boy into a black man. As close as he is to the earth, as ancient as the black people, he is still yet to be recognized as a man of significance, a man of morality, a…

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