Inferiority of the Black Woman

Recently watching a video titled ‘F*U*CK Black Women Let Em Eat Cake’ hosted by controversial Tommy Sotomayor got me to thinking about the social image and behavior of African-American women. In the video he says Black women are bullies. Many Black women are indeed angry and bitter, and are quick to judge and grimace at the thought of anything contrary to what she believes to be true or socially correct. Yes, many Black women are quicker to call another woman a bitch, whore, slut, or thot quicker than any man would. In a male dominated space which Black women are often seen as inferior, insignificant, and rarely appointed positions of leadership, in its own way, the Black church perpetuates inter-female competition and conflict, within the Black community.

Black women are certainly not known to be active supporters of Black men, but many Black women definitely are enablers of Black men. Her loyalty is astoundingly unyielding. She won’t encourage him to be at his best, but will support his dominance over her.

One of my FB posts reads:

“Black men are often the first to be hated, which is why Black women should be the first to show love.” ~Noni Ayana

Instead Black women are seemingly last to show love. Being an enabler is not necessarily love, it’s an unhealthy dependency.

She leaves teddy bears, balloons, and cards behind the yellow tape at the scene of the crime; rehearsing and repeating the story of how he got shot, how he ended up in jail, counting his “baby mamas”, how he’s unemployed, how he has a side chick, falling in love with poverty or materialistic gain, with dysfunction and emotional pain. She romanticizes deceit and manipulation. Many Black women expect nothing more than to be used. It’s a shame some Black women don’t know what it’s like to be in a relationship that doesn’t involve some level of chaos. What’s even more interesting is that some Black women seem to flock toward types of men that offer no positive or progressive contribution to their lives yet will openly ridicule and persecute another woman who has nothing to do with her.

Brazilian weaves, extended lashes, color contacts, butt and breasts implants, multiple layers of make-up, in the booty ‘no filter’ pic while looking over her shoulder, is for men to wish to fuck her and for women to wish to be her. Why is natural beauty not enough? I personally see nothing wrong with enhancement, yet when your enhancement becomes an evolution resulting in an entirely different you, is your process synonymous with self hate? Is your wish to hide your true self and become what is socially desirable? Is the only way to seek validation is by gaining approval from a public that is possibly just as inauthentic as the weave on your head?

Maybe this is why so many Black women are angry, bitter, and short-tempered. She has yet to experience falling in love with her (natural) self, so how would you expect her to naturally show love towards anyone else?

-Noni Ayana

One thought

  1. Wowwwwwwww Boss I dig what you spoke. I believe the Blavk community as a whole has no clue of what it takes to be in a relationship many get it from entertainment, fantasies, news, an shhhhhhhit even sex from Porn we all F Up as a race. We NEED TO LISTEN, READ AN LOSE love An Hip hop an Maury an dammmmm House wife’s of wat ever smdfh

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