Things that make you say hmmm

Sometimes we have those quiet moments when we think and wonder….

  • I’m quite puzzled by Chris Browns song hook, ‘these hoes aint loyal’ because these ‘hoes’ he’s referring to aren’t being disloyal by themselves. It’s not just the women Chris, it’s the men too. Isn’t the guy she’s with just as much to blame?
  • When a woman tells a guy she has a boyfriend, he then asks, “Can you have a friend?” If she really was interested in ‘you’ she wouldn’t have told ‘you’ she has a boyfriend, duh!
  • Why do women find out their man is cheating, only to get mad at him, quickly forgive him and stay in the relationship. Yet will become violently physical with the woman he cheated with?
  • I’m finding women receive many more benefits from marriage as opposed to men. I’m still trying to figure out why men get married.
  • Why does a man feel he should be able to have sex with the mother of his child when he wants, even though he’s not in a relationship with her?
  • I think some men get so caught up in pursuing the woman that he never questions whether she’s interested in him.
  • Why do some (grown ass) men refuse to work? There are many men with wives, children, homes, bills and so on, but don’t want to work. Why is that?
  • In cases where the father is the non-custodial parent, how is it that the father can go weeks, months, years, at a time without communicating or spending time with his child(ren), and be surprised when the child behaves a certain way when finally connecting with the father. That child doesn’t know you!
  • A boy with no father grows into a man who has children who have no father. The cycle continues.
  • A woman who says she’s saving “anal” sex exclusively for her husband, but will have vaginal intercourse with prospective partners. I don’t understand this type of thinking. Someone please explain.
  • People really don’t want to hear the truth from their partners. They’d rather stay in the comfort of their denial.

I understand these thoughts are random, but thought-provoking none the less lol. Feel free to share your input. That is all.

-Noni Ayana



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