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Anatomy_of_human_rectum_and_anus-2*adult content viewer discretion advised*

I am often asked a variety of questions; mostly about the basics of anal sex. First, I would only suggest or condone anal sex with partners having consented. Anal sex also requires patience, consistent communication with your partner, and adequate lubrication. Relax; take your time, no rushing. The asshole won’t go anywhere but your partner will if you become forceful. Forcing can cause your partner to become tense, which will make penetration more difficult and painful. FYI, your average porn is NOT, I repeat NOT, the best teaching example of anal sex. Porn is highly edited and porn stars are known to take everything from pain pills to controlled substances, and other numbing agents to reduce pain.

I have also spoken with men whom consider any sexual act anal related, as homosexual. Which I find odd because a man having intercourse with a woman is not homosexual, it’s heterosexual. Interesting how one specific sexual act can represent an entire lifestyle. What about eating pussy? Lesbians, certainly eat pussy. Is eating pussy gay too?

Flavored Dental Dams

Flavored Dental Dams

Why anal? The anus is just as rich with nerve endings that can be sexually stimulated, just as the clitoris, or the foreskin of the penis. Anal sexuality may include rimming or anal intercourse. Rimming is stimulating the anus, the opening (i.e. licking, kissing, touching or massaging with a finger or object). Although the anus is rich with nerve endings, the anal tract is rich with bacteria; safety is very important. Forced entry can also cause the anus tissue to tear, leaving partners involved more prone to contracting an STI. Anal tears are open wounds, allowing infection to enter the bloodstream. Lubricants are especially important; minimizing anal tissue tearing, minimizing pain, maximizing comfort and sexual pleasure. Do not transition from anal intercourse immediately to vaginal intercourse or from anal intercourse immediately to fellatio. Doing so could transfer bacteria and/or fecal matter to the vagina and/or mouth, possibly developing into a nasty infection or transfer an incurable disease.

img_8049_0_standard_1020_0Dental dams and condoms are often used to minimize chances of contracting sexual transmitted infection.To perform protected rimming or analingus you would simply place the dental dam between your mouth and the anus and presume to your desired method of stimulation. Condoms can be used for anal intercourse. Dental dams can also be used for cunnilingus (a.k.a eating pussy).


A California man who told doctors he was constipated was found to have a running vibrator stuck inside his large intestine. Read more:

A California man who told doctors he was constipated was found to have a running vibrator stuck inside his large intestine.
Read more:

If using a sex toy, it’s safer to use a butt plug, beads, and balls and so on, with a flared base or retrieval ring. Unlike the vagina, you can’t just put your hand inside and search around in the lost and found. Any object used for anal play that does not have similar to a flared base or retrieval ring for controlled handeling can easily slide into the rectum, colon, or make its way into the intestine; in this case surgery may be needed for removal. I’ve worked in the clinical setting; THIS DOES HAPPEN! Please read my post LUBRICANTS 101 for more info on types of lubricants!

You can also watch my video ANAL INSERTS to get an idea of what NOT to use!



-Noni Ayana




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