From Sexting to Sex for Couples

Many of us have taken full advantage of advances in technology, and even applied technology to our sex lives. There’s no longer your average phone sex convo, or favorite porn on VHS. Sexuality is now expressed via Skype, face-time, or in chat rooms, 3D virtual sex, internet pornography, online sex games, etc. However, the most basic of all methods of technology used would be via texting. If you’ve used my internet radio show to get the balls rolling (pun intended), well good for you. Plug: 10pm EST Sundays lol. No, seriously.

I find it interesting that many women find sexting to be a challenge. Not to say that men don’t find sexting a challenge, but some women don’t care for the sense of vulnerability when leaving a dirty message of any kind. Some women could care less and find it a necessity to keep the relationship spicy. Of course most of us know how to send text messages. Some people just don’t know what to say to have the person on the other end bursting with sexual excitement, literally!

So here are a few tips that should help in getting his dick rock hard or her pussy dripping wet. If you’ve been paying attention, you should be aware of what your partner likes. Sexting gives your partner something to daydream about. It’s a wonderful distraction, and can serve as foreplay, for when the both of you finally see each other; the prelude to steamy hot spontaneous sex. Oh the memories…

You can start getting right to the point, and be random with your text without any prior conversation:

As soon as you come home, find me, bend me over, and fuck me really hard till you buss all over my ass.

Or you can start a light tit for tat into a sexy build up:

Her: Hey baby, I wanna taste it
Him: You wanna taste what?
Her: I wanna taste your cum
Him: Oh yeah?
Her: I like how it feels when u cum inside my mouth. I wanna swallow every drop. U think we can make that happen?
Him: Fuck yeah! Where u?

Not only can sexting be used as foreplay but it can also be used as positive reinforcement. Reminding your partner of what you love and enjoy about their sex. This encourages the likelihood of more enjoyable sex. Sexting is fun, spontaneous, maybe even kinky, and for some risky; nothing more awkward than your child, a family member, close friend, or co-worker seeing your nasty text flash on the screen of your smart phone. I would suggest changing your setting so messages can’t be seen, only the indicator showing you have a message. Be careful sending; don’t want to send to the wrong person. Most important, I do not condone sexting to people in relationships that don’t include YOU. Get it? Unless it’s a threesome and you’re getting things started for a long yet fulfilling evening.

Click here to read a cool article on how to practice safe sexting

PSA: No sexting to or from people the law considers under age.

-Noni Ayana

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