The Effects of Feminism on Masculinity

Quotation-Mary-Wollstonecraft-empowerment-virtue-freedom-men-feminism-women-independence-morality-Meetville-Quotes-239430Although it should be common knowledge, I think when certain ideals are not confronted we tend to take certain matters for granted. Yes, men and women are different. Not just biologically or physiologically, but mentally and socially. And over time we have assigned roles to each gender, really as a matter of human survival. Much like a corporation or business company each employee is given a job description to reduce confusion and to promote organization; to maximize productivity and growth. At one point men were to hunt and kill for food, his physical build and strength was used to protect his partner and their offspring. These roles continued yet evolved throughout time. Now, women are the hunters so to speak. Women are the providers. She has the ability to buy (hunt and gather) food and use a number of options to protect herself and offspring. Men just don’t know what to do anymore. Let me be more specific about what type of man; men who practice more traditional ways of living. He is only familiar with the role of the hunter. Now days, women are more educated, make more money, are in positions of leadership and/or authority. So what is a man to do? He reverts back to being a boy, because his pathway to manhood has been obscured due to feminism. Ladies, do you find these types of men to be a bit more boy’ish. That’s because you are no longer his girl, his wife, his partner; he has reverted back to living with his mother. As we burned our bras were we burning a boy’s bridge to manhood? Although women have been provided more rights and opportunity this is still a male dominated world. Shahrazad Ali teaches it is the new-found strength of the Black woman who has led to the weakening of the Black man. However, one can also draw the conclusion the unrelenting evolution of male dominance may have caused its own downfall. If men were more willing to allow women to be involved in the development of society earlier on (speaking in context of the Americas) the evolution of women’s rights would not have been so “disruptive”. Instead men have been and still are quite reluctant to respect and allow women to exhibit her many capabilities and overall contribution to society. There is a type of man whom is very special indeed; the “male feminist”. He is an advocate of women’s rights. He is not concerned with keeping a woman in her place. He understands her value. He does not see her as a threat. He views her strengths as confirmation toward success, not the detriment towards his own. He is more self-aware and is more concerned with personal growth not measured against what is or is not socially masculine; yet is measured through personal standards, reaching goals and accomplishments having proven to be most productive and beneficial to him. In other words, her womanhood is not used as a tool to measure his manhood. -Noni Ayana c84917a70d2c09c1c0e781c504fa70d7

2 thoughts

  1. I think the flaw in Shahrazad Ali’s teaching is the notion of new-found strength of black women. Bart Landry posits that we were the original working moms and work became a means of gender negotiation. Black men then experience aggreived entitlement (Michael Kimmel ) where the oppression as African Americans intersect with their privilege as men.

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