The Friend-Girl

caution-friendzone-ahead-48I just want to speak to the woman who is currently a man’s best friend. For some ladies, this may not even apply to you. But there are many women secretly man-crushing in hopes that maybe one day he will see you are the one he needs to be with. Why not tell him the truth?

Well, if you tell him the truth, you are now vulnerable and your friendship could be at risk. You all have such a great time together. You laugh together, drink together, and go to concerts, movies and dinner. Hell, he may even pick up the kids from school or talk to your mom and dad on the phone. He’s a great guy, and your girlfriends and family are wondering, why won’t ya’ll just get together already?

He fixes things around the house. You’ve even cooked for him. He stays over and he may make a joke or two about seeing you in your sleep wear, that you probably strategically chose to appear as the friend-girl but shows the features of a possible girl-friend. Still, he doesn’t make any effort to sleep in the same bed or even the same room as you. You may wake up in the middle of the night pretending to be concerned of a neglected household chore that happens to lead you to walk throughout the house. However, when you look for your “friend” you find he is much too comfortable for your taste; sleeping on the couch alone, instead of spooning you.

escape-the-friend-zoneYour thoughts are consumed with creating ways to make him a believer. You don’t even try to date other guys, because other men simply don’t compare to your friend, he’s got everything. If you do manage to meet someone new, the possibilities are limited. You will find something wrong and find relief in knowing your best friend is technically single. So you have a chance.

Your nights are lonely and disappointment sets in when he calls you late at night and it’s only to talk about one of his many failed dates that usually end in sex of course. You know him so well, you know just what to say to lift his spirits, knowing he can now sleep with the smile on his face because of you. As a result, you too feel uplifted, feeling you are one step closer to making your dream a reality.

WAKE YO ASS UP! That is all.

-Noni Ayana

4 thoughts

  1. Wowwwwwwww!!!! You sure explained that story for many to look at that person on there left side now mmmmmmmm!!!

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