White Men and the Black Woman Fantasy

donald-sterling-los-angeles-clippers-ownerApparently there are Caucasian men that believe its okay to have sex with minority women, and anything outside a sexual relationship with a woman of color would be considered uncivilized. Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling is not the only man who thinks this way, with his apparent low opinion of minorities, especially Blacks. This type of thinking also undermines the value of sexuality, as it’s often used as a tool to fulfill lusts, muddied in racist misogyny.

America and the idea of skin-tone representing a person’s entire being rather than their character or intellect was literally established upon the backs of many minority women. Although many would like to believe racism is slowly fading to black (pun intended), we would be naïve to believe at some point race will never be an issue. In America and in many parts of the world we thrive on cultural and ethnic differences; whether we respect these differences or not. In effort to protest against racism by saying you don’t see color, sends the message that you refuse to see a person as they are. Why, because there is a story behind the color. To deny my color, you deny my story, thus subliminally eliminating me from a world in which we all exist.

Kerry-Washington-and-Christoph-Waltz-In-Django-UnchainedSince the beginning days of the discovered Americus, Caucasian men have set their eyes on the most ebony of skin; wondering, fantasizing, curious of her sexuality. Throughout history from slavery until now, media and social views often displayed minority women as one-dimensional; primarily sexual. She is often marginalized and seen as unworthy of respect and equality; some minorities more than others. However, Black women seem to always lie at the foundation of resentment, yet interestingly the most hyper-sexualized. Is the Black woman a sexual being? Yes, we all are. Does she often desire sex simply because she is Black; absolutely not.

Although there may be commonalities among women, among ethnicities, sexual desire is more so specific to the person, not the race. It is not unusual to fantasize about sexual experiences outside of your personal norm. I think many of us do. It creates a new path of eroticism and sensuality to explore. However, you will find it is your perception that drives it all.

-Noni Ayana

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