How MY Sex Affects YOU

_MG_8611___cropped“Women are more influenced by the attitudes of their peer group in their decisions about sex” says Roy Baumeister, a social psychologist at Florida State University.

Women are afraid to discuss sexuality. Mothers don’t discuss sexuality with their daughters. Wives don’t talk to their husbands. Women in the church; forget about it. All afraid their sexual perspectives and choices will be judged or persecuted. Please keep in mind “sexuality” and “sex” is separate dynamics. Women care much about what people think and are often seeking acceptance from the public. Is there not a way to live your life in which you live for yourself and at the same time survive within society?

Prevalent double standards continue to prove women are to stay in a certain sexual lane. It often amazes me how the public will easily ridicule someone’s sexual decision and somehow seem to take it personally, bringing about rage and prejudice. Gitcho judgmental asses out of here!

The very man who calls a woman a slut is easily the same man fucking her. How men bring themselves to categorize women in this way I don’t think I’ll fully understand because I’m not a man. After he’s done fucking the slut, he wants to have sex with the virtuous wife. This is all ego, he’s territorial, it minimizes the chances of him being cuckold (so he thinks), and it maximizes successfully paternity; at least that much of it I understand.

If I like sex too much I must be promiscuous. Hell, it’s often assumed I’m a freak simply because I’m a sexologist. If I don’t perform certain sexual acts I’m considered a prude, which increases the possibility of infidelity. What the hell is a woman to do? Some men say women are crazy. I say justifiably so. _MG_9179From birth into adulthood women are indoctrinated to present an image acceptable to society, as if the individuality I seek isn’t good enough. Anything outside of the social box will not work if I want respect, acceptance, and a positive connection to the rest of the world.

Everyone’s worried for the children. Boohoo, let me shed a fake tear for your theatrical display of great concern. There are far more pressing issues affecting our children than the sexual decisions of reality TV stars, hip-hop artists, and politicians. They don’t raise your children YOU do.

Only time you should be pointing fingers is when you’re looking in the mirror.

-Noni Ayana

One thought

  1. It’s like you said with women. Men have been trained from birth to be the head, even if he don’t know his elbow from his asshole he will still have an air of dominance simply because he is a man. The fairer sex, (black and other) has almost the same struggles as the black race. It don’t matter how smart, strong, fast, talented ect. Your still a women and your put here to serve; at our leaser. Men were also trained to be THE ONLY HOES on the planet- you know, the old find and concour bullshit that will make a (WEAK) mutha fucka (man) feel worthy regardless if he’s sorry or not, we’re men. As hypocritical and as selfish as it is no man can bare the thought of another man stretching his (PUS) out of shape but seeming oblivious to fact that through the years women are simply acting out what we taught them. Women cheat and have multiple partners for the some of the same reasons men do and it is hard to except

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