B*tches Ain’t Sh*t but Hoes & Tricks

mimifaustphotos94Okay, so apparently ‘Love & Hip Hop’ stars Mimi Faust and Nikko Smith made what they call a “hard core” sex tape. Chile please, show the sexologist some real porn, thank you. My problem is the constant persecution of Mimi Faust! Not only is she currently the meme queen, but I often see statements throughout my timelines such as, “she is a mother”, “what about her daughter”, or comments about the trash that’s now on TV, etc. More than likely this sex tape will affect the rest of Mimi’s career in some way or the other, much like how Kim Kardashian (not Ray J) never seems to escape her sex video backlash. Apparently, you can watch the video for free these days, lmao! I’m sure it’s mostly women labeling her slut, whore, bitch, etc. You know we’re quick to do that. Meanwhile Nikko is probably enjoying little criticism of his sexuality. Possibly high-fiving and dapping it up with his homeboys. Once again we perpetuate male sexual freedom and female sexual oppression. It’s a competition thing. Women don’t like to see other women whom are sexually uninhibited. There’s a little hate from women wishing she could be just as free, but she’s afraid of what people will say, so she jumps on the bandwagon and throws stones. Although often times we don’t publicize personal sexual exploits, many are privately performing in front of the camera. And will sometimes show to our close friends to get that “look at me” attention. That’s what all of this is about. Jealous ass women that don’t like to see other women get too much attention, so we call her bitch and whore. Meanwhile you hide behind your indiscretions.

lhhatls-mimi-faust-and-nikko-smith-agree-to-sell-sex-tapeThe LHHATL star’s decision to release a sex tape may be ill-advised, but I am in no position to say what she is or isn’; none of us are. If you don’t want your children or teens to be influenced by the glamorization of hyper-sexuality, what are you doing to stop it, other than complain?

What I really didn’t like is the Bossip video, featuring Raven Carter, Senior producer of Bossip.com referring to both MiMi Faust and Nikko Smith as geriatric patients older than Moses. What the hell is that supposed to mean? Stop spreading the myth that sex is only good or even exist when you’re young. People have sex well into their 80’s. As long as you’re living you’re going to grow older, that DOES NOT, I repeat, that DOES NOT mean we no longer want or enjoy sex. Yes, I will be the one in the “assisted living” trying to hunch and feel on the male staff. I’m a grown and sexual ass woman, you think imma stop wanting dick? GTFOH!

-Noni Ayana


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8 thoughts

  1. What she did was film a moment. That moment was not for everyone to see at 1st. Then when it got “stolen”, it was out there for the world to see.
    Truth is, we all have sex, make love, fuckery, smash it, tap that ass. Some of us do things a little different. Or express our self differently, or more freely. It would not have mattered who it was, or what color their skin is. We would have still judge them. And that night we would have done our drity deeds with our “other”, partner, lover, fuck buddy, friends with benefits, or just plan ol man/woman, or our Queen/King.
    “Love to live. Live to love.”-cpcross_ziggy

  2. I personally think had she had not talked all that mess about how trashy Joseline was the backlash wouldn’t have been that bad. She painted a picture like she had so much class and was a lady. But I’m sorry honey ladies do not show there goodies on camera. That’s the problem with blackwomen today we show everything because we want to be seen as uninhibited. What happen to being graceful and ladylike?? I do not want my daughters which I have 4 of thinking it’s cool to make a sex tape and put themselves out there.Even my 23 and 19 year old daughter said it was nasty and she was thirsty. Hell I thought it was just me. Just my opinion.

    • Thanks for your comment. We are all sexual beings on some level. A woman can be sexual, yet at the same time demand respect. And this can be done not by perpetuating double standards or shaming sexuality, but by providing real sexual education, creating a positive self image, and spreading positivity.

  3. I’m going to say what I’ve been saying, she has a great body and more power to her to do whatever she wants behind closed doors. But for her to put that out for the world to see, including her daughter one day was just beyond stupid. I hope it was worth it

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