30 DAY CHALLENGE: WEEK 3 Being Whole Never Felt So Good!

healthy-foods-to-lose-weight-fast-vagetablesWell, 30 day challengers we are into our third week, half way to a full 30 days, and I am feeling lighter, I have more energy than ever, my vagina is happy and healthy, and I have lost more weight, a total of 9 pounds to be exact and without working out. Once again I tried to cheat this past weekend, but to no avail. Ironically shortly after eating just a bit of processed food, I felt a little ill. So, lesson learned lol. The cool thing about only eating whole foods is that I can eat as much of it as I want, for the most part.

wholefoods2I have not consumed any dairy or bread products, nothing frozen, bagged, or canned. Everything I eat is fresh from the farmers market. I have learned to make what I have bought to stretch for as long as I need. Fortunately, the market I frequent, the food is locally grown and has a much shorter shelf life; which means my veggies and fruits last a lot longer if packaged correctly in my refrigerator.

eat-less-crapEating nutrient dense foods have caused my nails to grow and my skin to become clearer. As I mentioned before, I’m sleeping better at night. I have learned to feed my body when it’s hungry, yet I don’t eat very large amounts of food. As a matter of fact I fill very quickly. My recent cheat included a large coke, although my body indulged in the sugar, I couldn’t sleep a wink that night, ugh. Unfortunately that sugar/caffeine high lasted all night. If I’m going to be up all night I’d rather the reason not be a large coke, but a large….well you get my point.

Please check out my friend “Chef Bee” for more great food ideas and nutritional advice!

-Noni Ayana


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