Threat of a Woman’s Progression

Isn’t it interesting to ponder the idea of how the progression of women has affected the male gender role across time? In many parts of the world women continue to be seen as inferior. All has happened from rape to female circumcision to support some sense of control, order, or if anything to prevent change from what is destined to be natural or a dominating component of the divine plan. For many years women have been taught through hidden and exposed messages, patriarchal views, capitalist ideals, and a chauvinistic and discriminatory legislation.

Even within the indoctrinated female mind, women found a way to break through walls specifically built for women. We have burned our bra’s, we are no longer puppets but puppet masters. After all there will always be those people designed to lead. We have raised our voices and in many ways refused to be the victim. Still, there are many battles to fight before we win the gender war. Will there ever be true equality? I can’t say. No one can really. We tackle each challenge by the day.

In sex, men learn to be dominant and women are taught sex is for the man’s enjoyment. Women are taught to be prey and men are taught to be the predator. Men are taught to embrace their sexuality, while women are taught to deny their sexuality. Are these ideals to ensure a womans virtue, or man’s way of preserving machismo?

With the more power women gain, are men growing perplexed? Does the feminist movement or the overall progression of women dilute what is defined as manhood? Does a man know what he is to do as a man when most of the power he is accustomed to is slowly fading into feminism? In other words, HE used to be the only leader, the only bread-winner, the only decision maker. Literally, what is a man to do? We are in a time in which sexual preference has become interchangeable with gender roles. Whether divorced or never married, single parent homes are mostly run by women. There are more women doctors, judges, and CEOs. Yet today there are many men that will continue to see women as only pretty little cooks and cleaners created to serve and submit. Why, because maybe, just maybe that’s the only way he understands what manhood is.

-Noni Ayana

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3 thoughts

  1. In most cultures, men are perplexed by women gaining power, especially over them, and they can easily fight back if a woman tries to rape them too, just in case you didn’t know.

  2. Afghanistan recently appointed the country’s first female police chief!

    How’s that for a HELL YEAH for feminism?! We are progressing! Slowly, but surely, we are progressing everywhere in the world.

    Keep fighting for feminism! 🙂

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