30 DAY CHALLENGE: Week 2, My Journey to Wholeness

Today is the 10th day of the 30 day challenge and I have already experienced a difference. Before starting this challenge, my eating habits had grown out of control since August 2013. My poor eating habits resulted in sleepless nights, anxiety, memory loss, and weight gain. I was really looking forward to starting the New Year with a goal I knew my body, my mind, and my spirit needed.

I know I promised everyone a video log, but instead I will continue to write my experiences. I will reveal the new Noni Ayana in March. Why March, because INSIDE will be going to a new level. As of February 1st I will be going on somewhat of a hiatus from social media. I will not update with new posts on any of my pages; Facebook, Twitter, Google+, or StumbleUpon until the last week of March. My focus will be my new venture, internet radio, beginning February 2nd, and completing my book. Meanwhile there are over 80 posts on the blog for anyone to read and discuss while I’m on break.

The first 2 days of the 30 Day Challenge were especially hard because there was no smooth transition. I went from eating crap to eating whole over night, so it wasn’t easy. I experienced headaches and my cravings for salt and sugar seemed insatiable. I knew this would happen. When shopping in the Farmers Market I made sure to buy many snack type foods. Those snacks saved the day! Some of my snacks included mango flavored cranberries, almonds, raw shelled peanuts, figs, and pumpkin seeds. The cranberries and figs helped rid my sugar cravings for sure. I would even fry a couple of eggs in olive oil adding sea salt and pepper just to satisfy my salt craving. I’ve had a half cup of juice only 3 times since the beginning of the challenge, mostly drinking lemon water.

Because I’m eating whole foods, my palette has become heightened and I taste every flavor in foods now; some vegetables event taste sweet to me. Also, because I’m further along in the challenge, my cravings are not as strong, and my body is adjusting to the consumption of only whole foods.

When cooking, seasonings are important, and I have become more creative with seasonings and food preparation. I sleep better through the night; I have more energy during the day. I eat throughout the day, eating at least 3 meals and a snack between each meal, speeding up my metabolism. I LOST 5 POUNDS WITHIN THE FIRST 6 DAYS (without working out)!!

30 DAY CHALLENGE DINNER lamb, sauteed spinach and sliced white onion

30 DAY CHALLENGE DINNER lamb, sautéed spinach and sliced white onion

My menses flow was lighter and shorter. I didn’t experience much PMS, so my usual cramps were minimal. I could tell my vaginal scent changed and my discharge is lighter and clearer. I am quite regular these days, and I don’t feel an overall imbalance as I did before.  My mind is sharper and my memory has improved. I must say I like eating only whole foods! Can’t wait to see the results after 30 days!

To all my 30 Day challengers: KEEP GOING! WE’RE ALMOST HALFWAY THERE!

-Noni Ayana



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