Black Men and the White Woman Fantasy

Victorian tea party portraitI have had several white women to confess of their fantasized desire of a sexual excursion with a black man; yet most admitted to the probability of this fantasy never being realized. Why fantasize about the black man? I guess it only makes sense to daydream about the opposite side of the spectrum, the forbidden dark side; pun intended. We often want what we can’t have. During the days of the newly discovered Americus, do you think the slave master was the only one benefiting from his female African captives? Maybe, just maybe, off in the distance his wife, the white lily of the valley, with fan in hand, on the most of hottest of days, looking off into the field from her private balcony, admires from afar the chocolate glistening field hand straight out of the Zulu nation. I will not hold this against her, for her attraction is indeed justified. Now, if you’ve read any of my post you will see I am not against interracial dating. black man white womanHowever, this dynamic is more of a sexual aspect; not relationships or marriage, but of unadulterated sex. Fantasies are not the norm. Most people don’t expect to live out their fantasies, and considering the white women I have spoken to, none of those women ever expected to actually have sex with a black man. A few went on to say their families and friends would highly disapprove of any intimate deals with a black man. Racism is very real. Yet in fantasy racism is what drives the black-man/white-woman fantasy.

Think about it, would this fantasy be as illustrious had he not been a black man? To many white women the black man is unknown territory. mandingo1Most images she sees of him are of what social media portrays; which is rather unfortunate, due to these images often perpetuating negative myths and stereotypes of black men. Although these negative images continue to reign as the ideal black man, these same images feed the desire, very similar to the good girl wanting the bad boy. It’s edgy, dangerous, risky, and very sexy. Some may be afraid that once chocolate coating her vanilla truffle, her desire may become insatiable and uncontrolled. I would love to hear the testimony of such a white woman who so daringly, never married, never dated, but just simply wanted to be passionately fucked by the Mandingo himself.

The contrast of skin tones alone can be enough to stimulate the visual. Will his dick be bigger than the white man’s? The largest penis on record is of a white man, 14 inches, again this is what’s “on record”. Either way the experience will be different. He’s going to smell different, his sweat will look different against his black skin, his hair will feel different as you run your fingers through it, and his rhythm will be different. Isn’t this what fantasies are all about?

untitledSo I say to my white women viewers, if you’re going to go black, for fantasy sake, go BLACK. Like Lance Gross, Idris Elba, Djimon Hounsou black. You know, for the full effect. If you have the chance to make your fantasy a reality, it gets hot and heavy, he’s into you, you’re into him, and clothes are peeling off. If his dick looks like this, cut the foreplay short… just bend over.

-Noni Ayana

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5 thoughts

  1. “Fantasies are not the norm. Most people don’t expect to live out their fantasies, and considering the white women I have spoken to, none of those women ever expected to actually have sex with a black man.” Great post! I think fantasies ARE the norm, but agree that the average person never acts on them. I read a study somewhere (sorry I don’t remember the source) that indicated that most women fantasize about sexual behavior with other women as well – even if they never plan to act on it. I have nothing against interracial dating either, but have never tried it. I’m in love with the beauty in the essence of strong black men.

    • Women fantasizing about other women, I’m sure. Not surprised with the results of that study lol. I too am fascinated with the energy of the black man. I do believe each ethnicity has its own distinct sexual characteristics, yet we all share common sexual traits.

      • Interesting re: each ethnicity having distinct sexual characteristics. I hadn’t considered that. Yes, girl — the energy of the black man. That — I can imagine life without, although I’m aware that sometimes what you want shows up in different packaging than you expect.

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