Worst/Best Times to Have Sex

Sometime ago, I put together a list of the weirdest places people have had sex, but what about the weirdest times. Some people become aroused under circumstances considered to be the most inappropriate or strange.

Spooning turns into Forking – Those precious moments when you and the little one are all in the bed together. However, the little one is not yet old enough to understand what’s really going on under the sheets; a little quiet slip and slide while everybody’s “supposedly” chilling, napping, or watching TV.

While grieving over a recent loss of a loved one– it’s not unusual for a person to become so overwhelmed with grief that there is also an overwhelming sense of wanting to be loved, or the intense immediate need of affection. Sexual pleasure has often been used to numb emotional pain.

During Menses – Many people find sexual intercourse while on her period as the most disgusting thing ever. However, there are many men and women that find sex during menses somewhat of an aphrodisiac and can certainly qualify as a fetish.

While Pregnant – Some men feel uncomfortable having sex with his partner while pregnant. Even more so as the pregnancy progresses and the belly grows larger. Some men find pregnancy to be sexy and stimulating. Others may see it as a sexual stimulus to put his (non-biological parent) mark on an already marked territory. With questions about how sex affects the baby, click this link.

When you’re broke – Some may see financial hardship as depressing or a time to focus and plan. Others may feel the need to release, or desire a sexual distraction from their not so sexy financial struggles. Hey…you can do it all. Focus, plan, and have great sex.

Sex after Surgery – Depending upon the type of surgery, sex can sometimes be the very last thing on a person’s mind. However, if you have a healthy long-term partner lack of sex can be a challenge. It’s not intentional; your partner if anything else wants to be supportive. Sexual pleasure can be found in many ways outside of penile/vaginal intercourse.

When have you found yourself asking, “NOW you wanna have sex?”

-Noni Ayana

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