NONI AYANA: A personal look INSIDE 2013

_MG_54112013 has been both enlightening and eye-opening. I have accomplished many goals. I have cried tears of laughter and tears of growing pains. I have released negative energy and negative people, and I have discovered new positive energy in beautiful people. I have lost love. Oh, but I have indeed found it; stronger, better and more align with who I am. I have received both praise and harsh criticism. I began this INSIDE journey with a mixture of anticipation and anxiety. Coming from a background and inner circle of Christianity, patriarchy, and rather conservative views about sexuality; I assumed to once again be deemed a misfit, a rebel. I have been told I can be too vulgar, and some just simply laughed at my profane antics. My approach to life will continue to evolve, bringing about change, and new views about both the physical and spiritual realm. Being INSIDE I have likely lost relationships, friendships, and support. However, I have gained a new perspective. My passion, my purpose is clearer than ever, and that INSIDERS is more valuable to me than any relationship built upon _MG_5386conditions I no longer satisfy.

I knew, and I didn’t know what to expect when developing INSIDE w/Noni Ayana. I just knew that education was needed, and sexuality is a phenomenon most misunderstood. People have revealed a wide-range of testimonies that have shocked me, confused me, surprised me, intrigued me, and inspired me.

Most of us have visions; we have desires and dreams, from the smallest to the indescribable. We all experience setbacks and feelings of self-doubt. We make promises to ourselves that we break. From time to time we lose sight of what we have, focusing on what we don’t have. People change, opinions change, perceptions change, and we find ourselves disappointed or our expectations are not met. Within all the chaos is beauty. Inside pic w logo FBThere is beauty in people, in balance, in love, in spirit, and yes in sexuality.

Sexuality is what brings us together, yet due to our own ignorance sexuality is what’s also tearing us apart. Sexuality is such a precious gift and we must be responsible, we must be responsible with each other.

Wishing you inner peace and explicitly sensuous sexuality in 2014
-Noni Ayana

“Sexuality poorly repressed unsettles some families; well repressed, it unsettles the whole world.” -Karl Kraus

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