Twerking: A Human Element

twerk teamFirst of all “twerking” is not new. So-called “twerking” has been around for hundreds of years. This is just a new name for a particular style of dancing. We’ve been shaking ass since ass could be shook. Here’s a little education for those that don’t know. Twerking seems to be more prominent, experienced and most exposed among teens and young adults. There is an explanation. The primal and innate instinct of a human, especially female is to conceive within this time frame. I have mentioned before in other posts how the human male often considers a females waist-to-hip ratio to be one of the key factors for selecting a mate. 4994444Not necessarily for a wife, but a mate; note the difference. A female’s waist-to-hip ratio is a sign of health, and the human male wants to mate with a healthy female, therefore she gives birth to healthy babies, ensuring a successful lineage.

A “healthy” posterior in conjunction to a smaller waist, seems to be the common favorite. If your hip measurement is the same as your waist measurement, a potential mate may view this as a sign of poor health. For many, poor health is not attractive. Remember, I’m speaking in the context of childbearing during adolescence or young adulthood. Also think about why we tend to look our best and most fit at this time of our lives.

The human body continues to work as it did during its cave-man days. It wants to reproduce during adolescence. This explains why teens and young adults are so freaking horny! However, evolution of the human body is still playing catch up with the evolution of society. A 14-year-old girl at one time was able to birth offspring, parent her offspring and gather and prepare the hunt for her family, while the 14-year-old boy was capable of hunting food and protecting his mate and his offspring ; hence, the bar mitzvah, or other rites of passage that mostly begin when a child reaches adolescence. Survival and living off the land is very different compared to the complexities of modern society today.

tumblr_msdx6cR5RE1swcud3o1_500Here’s where twerking comes in. Humans have created many strategies to attract a mate, and twerking is one of those strategies. It is simply a mating strategy designed to attract a potential mate for coitus. Considering what was said in the first paragraph, what seems to be the most exposed part of the body when twerking? Correct; booty, ass, her posterior, that donk. More importantly twerking focuses on…….the “waist-to-hip” ratio. Is it all coming together now?

Now, if you share this information with your teen, he or she would probably think you’re crazy and try to dismiss the entire theory. Consciously she’s not trying to get pregnant, but primitively she is.

-Noni Ayana

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