Still in Love with Your Ex’s Sex?

46008fbe4e5b03f805e62acb0268cdbdWe all have the ex-lover, that may not have been the best partner in a relationship, yet they were amazing in bed. I’ve had many conversations with men and women reminiscing about that one lover that did it all. From most of those stories, I find people tend to begin new relationships desiring past experiences with a new partner, and usually the new partner is not so open, or at least very different (sexually) from the last.

First mistake is beginning a new relationship with old expectations.

Your last girl woke up giving you head first thing in the morning, giving a new meaning to “rise and shine”. The new love, doesn’t want your penis anywhere near her mouth. Oh my. This is quite the dilemma, with morning wood being such a significant erection, and especially if you’ve grown more accustomed to a slob on the knob then a pokie in the okie first thing in the morning.

gerie-black-and-white-sensual-Couples-erotica-lust-photgraphy-pics-my-album-erotic-hot-lusty-phils-photos-suseQ-adult-passion-reference-Sexy-Pics_largeYour last guy was a about 10 inches, your new guy, well…not 10 inches. Due to your well endowed posterior, hitting it from the back is more of a challenge for him and you’re still trying to figure out if he’s even INSIDE. Hey, different strokes for different folks; literally.

Tisk, tisk, the problems we face today. *sigh* Anywho, when beginning a new relationship chapter in our lives, we must focus not on what the new love is not doing, but what the new love IS doing that excited you so in the first place.

white coupleCreate a new fantasy. Enjoy your relationship and appreciate this new and different sexual experience. Besides, are you conversing about sex with your partner? Don’t compare your current love to your past, and don’t use pleasurable past experiences to guilt your partner into committing the same sexual acts that you miss. Although we all have our boundaries and/or limits concerning what we will or will not do sexually, we all want to be desired, and we all, well most of us enjoy sex; some more than others.

So let your ex go, and get with the new program. Capiche?

-Noni Ayana

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