Erotica: The Power of Sex

Kama-Sutra,-WI think we often underestimate the power of sexuality. We seemingly understand the influence. So yeah we get it when a music artist such as Beyoncé to Lady Gaga, Adam Levine to Chris Brown, says or does something displaying sexuality in different ways. Whether a lyric is sexual, or a performance is permeated with sexual innuendos, we recognize the intent. Still, sex is more than some good pussy or an awesome long stroke. It’s more than getting pregnant; more than the contraction of STIs. It’s more than a tool some women use to seal the deal, more than a tool some men use to create a façade.

4196819082_6de6cd5c9a_zWe often use sexuality, yet we don’t fully understand the power of it. How have we come to often irresponsibly use sexuality as much as we do? It is because we only see its value from the surface. To many, sexuality is an enigma. It is darkness with moon light; one can only view what is illuminated. Notice how in a familiar space, even in darkness you can find your way around.

171639209_1354497435Let’s transition from human sexuality to sex. Sex can be described as multifarious; the human expression of it is diverse. I’m not talking to those individuals randomly fucking for a quick climax. No, I’m speaking to those whose perspective of sex is much deeper and fascinating. There is nothing more intense than to recognize an inescapable energy of aphrodisia, an insatiable appetite of sensualism. That moment in time when you meet a person that literally ignites a craving in you so ravenous, your response is almost animalistic. KamaSutra-44As you become engrossed in each other’s energy, a bond has been created. Not a union based upon lust necessarily, but a union based upon sheer appreciation, the beauty, of the offering of one’s mind, body, and soul.

Until you have experienced that my friends, you haven’t experienced the true orbit of sexuality…’re just fucking.

-Noni Ayana

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