KEEPING IT CLEAN : Food and Vaginal Health

dark skinDuring pregnancy, and right before and during menses, the female body’s defenses and/or immune system are compromised and sometimes is a bit weakened due to the added responsibility of the inner workings of the female anatomy. At these times be more cognizant of your sugar intake. For example, processed foods such as breads and dairy, starches, fruit juices and other items high in sugar, create growth opportunity for yeast and other vaginal infections. Drink lots of water and eat plenty vegetables high in alkaline such as kale, broccoli, avocado, or spinach; to support a healthy pH balance.

causes-n-signs-of-yeast-infections_13552006280Although I have limited scientific experience in the effects of processed food on the human female body, I find it safe to conclude from personal experience and hearing testimonies of other women how processed foods seem to contribute to continuous increase in vaginal infections, severe menstrual cramps, heavy blood flow during menses, fibrosis, ovarian cysts, and other female anatomically related health issues.


I came to this conclusion due to the evidential positive impact of a well-balanced diet. I have personally experienced how reducing my sugar/acidity intake of processed foods and meats affects not only my overall health, but vaginal health. alkaline-foodI know now and then we might eat something totally naughty and sometimes we over indulge. However, your primary diet should consist of foods that were not prepackaged or preserved in a box or a can. People often complain that organic foods or healthy foods are expensive. I don’t agree. I shop at the farmers market and can fill my buggy with all fresh fruits, veggies, and organic or grass-fed meats and spend the same amount of money if not less than the average person would spend at their local mainstream supermarket. My local farmers market is awesome and my fruits and vegetables tend to last longer because most of the foods sold are locally grown.

So if you are not yet convinced, try not eating any processed foods for 1 month. Not sure what those are? Okay…avoid the following:

I know, after looking at this list you’re trying to figure what’s left for you to eat! Plenty I tell you! Don’t be fooled by the signs, buy one get one, or the famous 10 for $10. They may seem like bargains now, but the real exchange is your health for a few dollars. FYI, you’ll probably rarely see prescription meds as “buy one get one” or “10 for $10”.

To see how this type of diet affects your vaginal health, start right after the last day of your menstrual cycle. This way you start your next cycle having started the diet. You can then see how the diet affects your vaginal health (including discharge, odor, even taste for those who enjoy oral sex), PMS, fibrosis, etc.

yeast infectionLadies, do what you can to maintain good health/vaginal health/reproductive health. Health insurance, doctor’s appointments, surgical procedures aint cheap, especially for women. Insurance group rates are cheaper when more men are within the group. Why do you think this is the case?

Have you heard about my annual 3O DAY CHALLENGE TO VAGINAL HEALTH?

-Noni Ayana





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