The Story of Dick and Vaginia

largeWhat a feeling, to be in need of orgasmic release, and no one is around to facilitate your sexual needs and desires. Masturbation has never really been your thing, or you’re experiencing carpel tunnel from over-working your wrist; sometimes great sex can be the remedy. Irresponsible sexual behavior definitely carries great risks, yet there are many wonderful benefits to having sex. Great sex, more so orgasms, have been known to cure headaches, clear sinuses, helps you get over your recent ex-lover, decreases depression, reduces insomnia (put that ass to sleep I tell ya), relaxes your muscles, reduces anxiety, and many others.

You ever met a person who’s always tense or extremely irritated? Chances are this person is not regularly having sex. Maybe that’s why some single men are so nonchalant about things some single women would consider important, because they’re doing a lot of fucking. It may not be the same girl every time. It’s much more socially accepted for men to have multiple partners, and women perpetuate this double standard by accepting this behavior, and continue to have sex with these men with multiple partners while she only has sex with him. For example, 1 man can have sex with up to 5 women within a time period. The same 5 women may be only having sex with that 1 man. Kind of like the Atlanta dating scene, lol. I joke….no seriously. I’ll provide another example of what I mean.

tarzan-starsLet’s call the man “Dick” and reference the women as “Vaginia” (like Virginia). Dick, age 25 is into older women. He is simultaneously dating Vaginia age 32, Vaginia age 36, Vaginia age 29, and Vaginia age 39.  All Vagina’s, oops I mean Vaginia’s for some reason or another thinks Dick is absolutely amazing and see him as a potential long-term partner.When in reality Dick is just providing awesome….well, dick. sexismAll Vaginia’s do everything they can to make Dick feel right at home, as they have been taught by society and possibly by their mothers.

Unfortunately, one of the Vaginia’s is growing frustrated with the lack of time Dick spends with her, and often wonders if he is dating someone else. In reality, and advised by her ignored intuition, Dick doesn’t really contribute to her life in any real way other than providing awesome dick. Awesome dick can be such a distraction, smh. Due to suspicion each Vaginia grows frustrated due to lack of attention or time spent. Eventually, each Vaginia, after much great sex, home cooked meals, and possibly the purchase of a few luxury items decide to let go of Dick and his awesome dick. 

tarzanDoes Dick really care? Probably not, he just had 5 Vaginia’s at one time while never offering any type of commitment. As if in the jungle, Dick will swing from Vaginia to Vaginia. Dick experiences no sexual frustration, due to all his needs, plus more, being met. However, he left 5 bitter Vaginia’s who now thinks all Dicks are no good. bitterwide-620x349

What is the moral of this story about sexual frustration? What else can be learned from the story of Dick and Vaginia?

-Noni Ayana

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