INSIDE the Penile Mind

Eating-chicken-may-lead-to-a-smaller-penisI wanted to take the time to dispel a few myths, rumors, and uneducated thoughts about the almighty penis. Yes, I call it almighty because in many ways it does have great power and influence. My intent is not to minimize the power of the pussy, because she too has powers unmatched.

First, let’s view and explore basic male anatomy. As humans, we should want to learn as much as we can about our bodies. We often visit the dentist, our primary care physician, the optometrist, and the chiropractor; sometimes carrying a great deal of knowledge about those parts of our bodies, and because we often openly discuss these parts of our bodies. Yet many people continue to have little to no knowledge about our sexual organs. The following image is every man’s core energy source.


If the male anatomy, or what I refer to as a man’s core energy source is not functioning properly, trust there are psychological ramifications. Much as there would be when a female learns parts of her reproductive organs are not working properly or is suggested to be surgically removed. In a recent article I posted titled “Man Overboard & Under Pressure”, I offer a few facts about the penis. So I won’t be redundant and mention those again. Besides those facts do not relate to the myths, rumors, and lack of education I refer to. I’m speaking of the lack of knowledge women have about dick.

Yes, there are men that are complete philanderers, indulging themselves on a frequent basis, many times irresponsibly and unsafely, single or married. Although a man’s flesh may succumb to sexual attraction, a man’s mind does have the ability and/or choice to overcome, to be rational and to think and act responsibly. The dick is just doing what it supposed to do. All men are not weak in that way. Nor are all men strong in that way. A man’s dick is not continuously on auto-erect. Yes there are times when a man is not in the mood. Sometimes, at that moment he needs your support, not your sex. Sometimes he needs more stimulation, sometimes less will work.

Penis-size-does-matter-infographic-640x500Yes, size does matter. Many men boast about girth or length, but it doesn’t matter if your dick is so big you can’t get no pussy! Real talk! You don’t want her to be scared of the dick; you want her to be comfortable with the dick. It’s sad to know there are women out there experiencing pain during sex, but won’t admit it because she’s afraid it will affect his performance or his self-esteem, or she feels it’s her duty to have sex with her man but not really to enjoy it. Meanwhile he’s going HAM, possibly causing vaginal tears, bleeding, and bruising the cervix. These are real issues women experience. Regardless of what society has portrayed for many years, sex is not solely for the man to enjoy. Too many men say they want a “freak”, so he can lay back and have freaky things done to him (basically). Because he most likely aint doing a damn thing freaky himself. (Side-rolled-eye, straight mouth to you)

Ladies, it’s okay. If you can’t handle a 10 to 12 inch dick, it’s okay. Wouldn’t you rather have a size that’s a comfortable fit for you, no pain, and all pleasure? Guy’s you’re not proving anything by making a woman hurt, sex can be aggressive yet still pleasurable.

How-Make-Your-Penis-BiggerIs it possible to hurt a man’s pride if you tell him he’s too small, and you say it with a facial expression of disgust? Hell yeah. Because to some small means inadequate or not enough. Well, too big could mean, “Oh hell naw, you aint putting that up in me!” The biggest dick is not always the best dick and the smallest dick may not necessarily means its the worst dick. It’s not about the size being too big for you, or too small for you, but it’s about the size being just right “for you”, and what he does with that size that will have you looking for him in the daytime with a flashlight. Bow!

A man bragging about how good he is in bed or boasting about what he can do to a woman sexually is a huge turnoff to many women. No man should ever assume because he sexually pleased his past partner, he can please the current or future partner in the same way.  Yes, the basics for everyone are pretty much the same, but the experience will differ.  

Shout out to D.B.F for continuosly enlightening and educating me on the male perspective 😉

-Noni Ayana

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