Man Overboard and Under Pressure

The average penis size is 5.6 inches when erect.

The largest penis on record is 13.5 inches (erect)  Ouch my cervix!

The average man has 3 to 5 erections a night.

The smallest penis recorded at 1 and ¾ inches

Experts estimate erectile dysfunction effect 30 million men in the United States

Now that I’ve provided information and gotten your attention, let’s talk about men for real.
underwater-man-5761We often discuss the pressure women are under to be the perfect size or the perfect weight. Women often feel compelled to display certain characteristics to not come across as too bitchy but not too whiny, be the freak in the bed, but a lady in the street. What about men? I believe men too are under pressure. In many households men are expected to be the leader, the provider, the protector. We expect men to be able to repair everything from the car to the toilet. We expect men to be fully self-sufficient and thriving by a certain age. Although the media is as highly sexualized as it is, women expect men to be loyal and faithful. Most of all we expect him to be a “man” in the bedroom. For many women if a man is not doing these things, he’s weak, and he is treated accordingly. With society growing more materialistic and sexualized every day, I wonder how men navigate through life. Speaking in terms of just sex alone, temptation is everywhere. Although, competition among women is almost unbearable at times, even for me; competition among men is just as intriguing and influential. I don’t see how men do it, and kudos to those that keep the promise of remaining faithful and loyal to their partners. Socially we teach men to be providers, protectors, etc., and sometimes men are severely punished and emasculated when expectations are not met. However, we don’t teach men how to communicate with women. That’s great if you can provide for the family, protect the family, lead the family, but as a woman when do you talk to me? Is your role so much about your manhood, you neglect my womanhood? Still, I do believe because women and a society as whole expect so much, support should follow.

Just a thought.

-Noni Ayana

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