Fabulous Fellatio

Two_WeeksNot too long ago I wrote a post titled, “Don’t you hate it when women…” I sent a mass message out to over 30 men and I found it interesting the most often response given was, “can’t give good head”. I’m also told by men there’s nothing worse than a woman who clearly doesn’t want to give head, but does it anyway or he can tell she really doesn’t enjoy giving head. If your woman doesn’t want to give you head, should you insist she does it anyway?

If there’s one thing a man truly loves, is getting his dick sucked. I have met a rare few that feels it’s not a must, but for the most part you best do some jaw kegels.

tumblr_lk7qy78thF1qe6vsbo1_400Recently a woman (who does not like sucking penis) asked me, “Why do men enjoy oral sex so much?” I thought it was cute that she was genuinely disgusted when asking this question. My answer: well dear there are several reasons. First, the mouth can be just as wet if not more and grab the penis just as well as a vagina. Second, there are a variety of awesome things a woman can do with her mouth, tongue, and throat that she can’t do with her vagina to stimulate the penis. Next, he can ejaculate inside and not have to worry about getting her pregnant. It’s also visually (and audibly) stimulating and minimizes the chances of a woman talking. For some fellatio doesn’t involve full nudity like intercourse so it can be quite convenient and involves minimal cleanup. Am I selling this or what?

Some (especially teens and young adults) think it’s safer to give or receive; thinking oral sex minimizes contracting an STD. Oh, the contrary insiders. Several STDs can be transmitted orally. In addition to HIV, other STDs can be transmitted through oral sex with an infected partner. Examples of these STDs include herpes, syphilis, gonorrhea, genital warts (HPV), intestinal parasites (amebiasis), and hepatitis A.  YIKES!


1349835703312_4816680Maybe this is why some women don’t like to give head, lol. Seriously though now that I have light-weight sex-educated you on the risks of oral sex, let me continue to discuss more aspects of fellatio. Ladies if you don’t like sucking dick, I suggest you and your man come to some sort of compromise. I have heard of men stepping outside of the relationship for awesome head and felt nothing of it because to him that’s all it is, awesome head and nothing else. I don’t buy that; all sex is personal and emotional. Desire, attraction, ejaculation all are very personal and emotional. I’m sure not too many men would be thrilled to hear of another man’s mouth on his woman’s labia/vagina; unless he gave consent or you’re all there together; that’s another post on a different day.

3omlpxLadies, find out what your partner likes and more importantly find out what’s comfortable for you. The more comfortable you are, the more pleasure you will experience and can offer your partner.  THE END.

-Noni Ayana

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  1. This was a good read. I enjoy giving fellatio to my man, just because I know Im pleasing him to the point that he falls right asleep afterward. AND since the beginning of our relationship I made it known if there is a mess I want him to stay where he’s at and I’ll clean it up. I think it has more to do with me feeling powerful during this process, and him being so submissive, just at that point. But for the rest of the day, I let him be the man, lol. 😉

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