The Wonders of Female Anatomy

patriarchs-in-your-vaginaLadies, we must talk! My journey of sexology often leads me to some very interesting people and places, and as a sexuality professional sexual health is a very common and important component of maintaining a healthy and positive approach toward sexuality. With that being said, I find it interesting that many women are uncomfortable with looking at or touching their bodies.

We rub our bodies with lotion, we manicure our nails, we dig in our nose and our ears, we meddle around in our mouths with toothbrushes and floss, we wipe our ass; yet women aren’t investigating whats between the waist line and above the knees? And why not, it’s yours! Don’t you want to know what’s on going down there?

Unfortunately, much like a woman’s breasts, the vagina is mostly seen as sexual, not functional. Yes, my titties actually function outside of a man sucking on them to get his dick hard.

So grab a speculum and a mirror. Make sure you’re in a well-lit room and tour the wonders of female anatomy. What will you most likely see?

Outside: VulvaLabeled

FYI, notice the “vulva” is not the vagina, which is the label people including women often reference to this part of the female anatomy. The vagina is inside not outside.

Guide to Getting It On: Female Sexual Anatomy – The Vulva, Clitoris, Vagina, Cervix, Uterus and Ovaries


This is where the penis does all of his handy work. The vaginal canal also expands when sexually aroused. For some women sex may feel a bit uncomfortable because he’s bumping against that circular piece of flesh at the end of the vaginal canal, the cervix.  Can you believe a baby comes out of that!!! After dilated of course, and if it’s a vaginal birth.

For additional information about the cervix visit Beautiful Cervix Project

Cervix during pregnancy: effacement-1

Effacement means the cervix is stretching and getting thinner, and labor is near.

If during pregnancy your partner says he doesn’t want to have sex because he’s afraid he’s going to “hit the baby in the head”, show him this post. As you can see the fruit of his loins is quite protected, especially in case of an animate object. Keep the sex relaxed and comfortable though.

Now that wasn’t that bad, was it? FYI, discovery is much more fun with a partner 🙂

-Noni Ayana

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