Jonah Falcon

Jonah Falcon

Yes people, size does matter. The song “Whoever Said” written by yours truly, talks about size and preference. Speaking of size, did you know the largest penis on record is 14 inches erect? Mr. Jonah Falcon, a Caucasian man living in New York, has the undaunted task, of carrying such a plentiful package . Does this dispel the myth that African-American men generally have larger penises than Caucasian men? There could be a black man or any other ethnicity, somewhere out there, same size or bigger, but just didn’t want to be publicly recognized for his sizable trunk. Where ever you are, just know… I’m thinking of you. *moment of silence*

Nick Gilronan

Nick Gilronan

Ladies and gentlemen, size and satisfaction for many go hand in hand. We are all aware of how men boast about their dick size. From Lil Wayne to T.I., descriptions of their penis have made its way into many lyrics. However, Nick Gilronan’s perspective is a “wee” bit different. Gilronan is the 2013 winner of Brooklyn’s smallest penis contest, saying “The size of a man’s penis does not matter for who he is as a person or in a relationship.”

yBQ9LspzTq-10I’ve known of instances the penis was so large it caused the female a great deal of pain, and possibly a trip to the emergency room, or worse the operating room. In these cases, size did matter. These men are probably great in the relationship, but his girl is possibly on the verge of a panic attack when she sees him coming. *no pun intended* I’m being a bit dramatic, but the issue is very real.

size 2Some women do find more satisfaction with a larger penis. Some women are sexually pleased with a penis not as large. The average adult penis size (erect) is 5.5. So what is big? What is too big? What is too small? Smaller doesn’t necessarily mean little or less satisfying, and bigger doesn’t necessarily mean more satisfaction.

What’s important is communication (between consenting adults) and being open with your partner enough to express what totally turns you on and turns you off. Earlier I mentioned size and satisfaction go hand in hand, yet it’s more so size and technique; a man understanding how to stroke his partner in a way that is pleasing to both, understanding your boundaries, and knowing when and how to test the limits.

Like the lyrics say, “what may be right for me may not be right for you. One size don’t fit all, so make it do what it do.”

-Noni Ayana

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