Ejaculating Clarity

black-couple-in-bed-upsetI’m not sure if women know this. I’m not sure if many men are self-aware, but I am sure if a man continues to read the following, he will certainly agree. When a man is (usually first) physically attracted to a woman, he is subconsciously seeking the most suitable mate to carry his seed and to continue his lineage. This is one of our primary duties if not the primary duty of humans; to be fruitful and multiply. If a man disagrees with the earlier statement, it is because his thinking is of the surface and is influenced by social ideals. I’m speaking (writing) from more of an evolutionary perspective. Attraction, in many ways, is everything. Key characteristics the human male is seeking when choosing a fertile female mate is appearance, body shape, and loyalty. In other words, “I think she’s beautiful”, “She will give me beautiful, healthy children”, and “She is only having sex with me”. Does this sound about right guys? 

Many influences can deter a man’s primal instincts, such as strobe lights and the use of a controlled substance, or just the sheer excitement of viewing robust breasts and a beauteous booty can send a man into a vertical state. Men are simply overwhelmed with unlimited access to healthy, beautiful (however defined), fertile women. His drive for sexual pleasure can supersede his innate responsibility to create. So, many times men are having sex with women, with no conscious intentions to create or commit. This can also help explain why a man can impregnate a woman; love the child, while wanting nothing to do with the mother.

Now, the entrée; the man see’s the woman. He is attracted, and he wants to have sex with her. There is communication between the two, resulting in an agreement to have sex. While having sex he feels he is about to climax/cum, and when he does either of the two things is going to happen. He will be pleased with his choice and considers her a fertile prospect, or the body is drained from orgasm while the brain is thinking “although the pussy was good or okay, I really don’t care for you as person. Thanks, but no thanks.” Usually in the latter situation she is falling in love, while he is rising for sex. *sigh* I guess opposites do attract, lol.

New Romances: Ladies, if from after the very moment he ejaculates, his behavior switches to wanting nothing to do with you, take the hint. His intentions are not the same as yours or he’s just not that into you.

-Noni Ayana

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