Sexuality of a Preachers Kid

Preacher-Minister-Church-Sermon-Pulpit-Bible-300x199The myth is, preachers daughters are typically the wildest women. This myth is now so entrenched in culture it has evolved from being a myth to a belief. Is anybody curious why preacher’s kids are believed to be the most rebellious, especially sexually? As we all know, sexuality is rarely discussed in the religious setting, which makes it all the more forbidden; and if discussed it is typically demonized if completed outside what is believed to be spiritually appropriate.

The preacher’s child is often in the spotlight. Although human and just as flawed as any other, the preacher (minister) is often seen as the imperfect example of perfection. WE expect the preacher and his family to be exemplary models of God’s message to the church. Just as we expect medical doctors to be in excellent health, teachers to be the most knowledgeable, and hair stylists to never have a bad hair day, and so on.
preachers12f-6-webIs it likely the preacher’s child is listening to the sermon as intensely as you are? Is the preacher, a preacher or a parent at home? When sexuality is discussed in the preacher’s home, is the approach a sermon or a discussion? Many may assume most if not all preachers (ministers) are advocates of abstinence. This may not necessarily be the case. Although abstinence does prevent contraction of STIs, unwanted pregnancies, and other sexually related negative consequences believed to be a path leading straight to the gates of hell, it does not prevent or hinder an individual’s sexuality outside the physical realm of sex.

Why are many preachers’ kids sexually rebellious? It is the dichotomy between humanity and spiritually; the ever-present sustaining cloud of cognitive dissonance. il_570xN_445015331_noieHowever, the preacher’s child experience is of another level, simply due to high expectation from others; the pressure, the expectation, of YOU of all people to know better. The preacher’s daughter, growing into womanhood, where many women are taught to be submissive to God, but the undercover message is for her to be compliant and servile to men in a highly patriarchal world. The preacher’s son sometimes raised to perpetuate the very ideals supporting male dominance. Why sexual rebellion? Because sexuality is exciting,  the most captivating, the most unforgiving, the most misunderstood, in many ways the most dangerous, it is the most humane means of sensual pleasure. Sexual rebellion is the ultimate aphrodisiac.

Something to think about.

-Noni Ayana, the preachers daughter 😉

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