labia-rose-darren-hosioskyFor too long women have continuously molded and shaped their body’s to meet the status quo; modifying precious body parts into the ideal of perfection. I ask, what is perfect? Who defines perfect? Why do many humans allow perfection to be defined outside their own perspective? If many people believe it, it tends to be deemed as true. In many cases the majority rules, whether right or wrong. Female competition is about revealing imperfection. In order for me to feel as though I am better than you, I must make you feel inferior. How do I do that? By pointing out what’s different, odd or what I think is unusual about you. I then would use what I believe to be unusual, different, or odd to make you feel inferior. Why, because we are all seeking acceptance and women are often the pawns manipulated, perpetuating unnecessary competition.
Ladies, we are all different in our own way. I understand in America and in many other parts of the world, different is often considered unattractive. We look at ourselves and we compare ourselves to others and to social standards. However, I think I missed the memo announcing the latest “labia” standard of beauty. What is a pretty pussy? What example are women using to compare to others? Truly beauty is in the eye of the beholder and for many women beauty is often the opposite of self.
ans7_vulvaI SAY TO YOU!!!! LOVE YOUR LABIA!!! You are an individual and your beauty is unique to you. Unless there is considerable risk to your health/vaginal health/sexual health why compromise the authenticity, the originality, your specific beauty born to you. Women are now considering everything from labiaplasty, to labia reduction, to labia augmentation. If there was no standard of beauty to compare, would we even consider such things? This is the mindset more women need to have. We can accept and appreciate the beauty of others, but we first must accept the beauty of self. In doing so, we experience less feelings of inadequacy, therefore increasing self-worth.

FYI, female ejaculate “squirting” comes out the urethral opening, not the vagina, and IT’S NOT PEE 🙂

-Noni Ayana

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