Christian Swingers DOT COM????

local-swingers-club-funny-comicOh my! Provocative, to say the least. I dare to explore the sexually driven forbidden realm of swinging. Let’s be real swinging is totally based on unadulterated sexual pleasure and to some people that’s fine with them, and people wonder why I chose human sexuality as a career, lol. Alright, so first let’s define swinging…

The Urban Dictionary defines swinging as a lifestyle of non-monogamy where sexual relations occur outside the established couple.

Swinging is not to be confused with polyamory, which is love-based or relationship based involving multiple people simultaneously. Poly-fidelity is three or more people committing to having a closed relationship with each other and not getting involved with anyone outside the group. Polygamy means many marriages. Polygyny means one man, many wives. Polyandry means one woman, many husbands. The act of swinging is not love-based, it is sex-based. Swinging involves (consensual) partner swapping.

Why oh why are Christians swinging? Christian couples find themselves wanting more. Are they bored, maybe? Are you surprised to realize there is a website specifically for Christian swingers? No more surprised there’s a website specifically for married people seeking someone to have an affair. Yet, Christians don’t want to talk about sex, smh.

After speaking with Christian singles and couples, I have listed some of the reasons why some Christians chose to swing:

why-do-they-call-it-swingersThe partner is attracted to the same gender and wants to fulfill that desire.

Each individual is stimulated watching their partner have sex with someone else in their presence.

The wife for some reason is unable to have relations with her husband, therefore consents to him having sex with someone else.

Some Christians feel safer and more comfortable swinging with other familiar Christians. There’s less risk and chances of exposure.

Simultaneously (supposedly) living the life of a Christian and swinging is a stimulant within itself.

Some Christians use swinging as attempt to “save” the relations of the marriage.

Some Christians use swinging as a strategy to prevent their partner from cheating.  

Women also use swinging as a way to overcome jealousy or insecurity. Thinking that “allowing” their male partner to sexually engage with another woman is empowering.

One thing I found very interesting is many Christians don’t consider swinging as an adulterous act; simply because the “partner” is providing consent. What you decide to do in your relationship is up to you. All Christians have access to The Bible.  What is your interpretation? Is your interpretation manipulated to fit your lifestyle or is your lifestyle manipulated to fit the book.

qTSukTSI will neither condone nor condemn swinging in this post. Unlike others, who may, I will not damn anyone to hell. However, I can say in my years of research and talking with couples, Christian and non-Christian, I have yet to find a couple whose swinging didn’t result in divorce or break-up, after some time. If there is a couple out there who’s been committed for some time and the swinging lifestyle has not negatively impacted the relationship, pleeaaasseee reply to this post!

-Noni Ayana

One thought

  1. I have been out as a Christian swinger in the past, as I was once very religious. (I am less so now but that has more to do with my professional discipline than anything.) If you want a really good group to discuss this, go to the Christian Pro Erotic group on the Yahoo groups page. The Moderator there writes about human sexuality as well. He was a minister for many years and is out as a Swinger. I’ve been a member for 10 years there.

    Shoot me an email if you wish to know more.

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