Silly Cyrus

Miley-Cyrus-Twerking-900-600-486x326Miley, Miley, Miley, smh. I could care less about her “twerking”. However, I am intrigued by the public’s response to her recent displays of behavior. I’d have to admit, her antics only make me more curious about the underlined strategy; her method behind the madness. Feminists and the like are outraged and appalled. I have read several articles and listened to much commentary. Yet, I have found it rather challenging to create any sort of opinion about the matter. I think this whole “twerking” thing has gotten completely out of hand. Exotic dancers have performed the same twerk’ish moves for decades. So I will have to give the “straight mouth”, “side-eyed” facial expression to all people fascinated. Anywho, mutinous Miley has managed to spark a nationwide outcry of disdain for a hyper-sexualized attempt at gaining attention. But isn’t this what many people do? This is why I study sexuality! If you wanna get anyone’s attention, just make it sexual. Meanwhile, somebody is at home youtubing twerk moves to perform for their significant other. Do we really expect everyone to be responsible, upstanding citizens? miley-cyrusDo we really expect everyone to understand what’s wrong, and as a result do everything right? What do we expect Miley to do? Society helped create the woman she is. She is a young woman with many resources and the world is her stage. She performs and the audience responds. Who performs to an empty room? We often witness this trend with a celebrity having begun their career as a child star. Somewhere along the way the social identity and the true identity meet at a crossroad, and if there is no clear direction, you will get lost. Is Miley Cyrus lost, or is she more aware than we think? Miley does not move me, but if she was within my reach I would not scold her, I would want to know her. Because I can only expect a certain behavior if she is connected to someone, some force that influences her to behave in a healthy way. We don’t know her story; we only know the story told by media.

So I say to the Miley’s out there, from the outside looking in, your inner circle involves too much darkness, eliminate the waste, and make room for light.             -Noni Ayana

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