Woe is Weiner

Anthony-Weiner-602x334The recent headlines describing erotic details of mayoral candidate Anthony Weiner’s alleged extramarital affairs and inappropriate sexual behavior, has caused me to wonder about American morale. Although secretly adultery in some ways is encouraged and is often seen as inevitable; when involving public figures of leadership we uphold very high expectations. Is Weiner’s story any different from any other man? Are there not other married men sexting, conversing inappropriately, and having affairs? Some would say, if he can’t take care of his own household, how can he successfully run for public office and effectively meet the needs of the people, be the minister of the church, the leader of our school, etc? We have great expectations of men in leadership positions; if this is the case, who is capable? No man is perfect, we all have weaknesses. Are voters and critics concerned about Anthony Weiner’s ability to govern New York City, or are they concerned that a husband cheated on his wife? I don’t understand why this much noise is not made when it’s the man not in the public eye. Do we not care as much when the everyday man is an adulterer? Why would a man with so much to lose put himself at such great risk? Some would say that’s exactly why. The more it is to be lost, the more exciting the thrill. Isn’t this why people bungee jump, sky dive, gamble; the thrill of facing the fear of losing, yet ultimately winning? Maybe Weiner wasn’t thinking, or maybe he was. Maybe he felt as though he could have the wife and the women on the side. As they say, have your cake and eat it too, but isn’t that what you’re supposed to do with cake…eat it? anthony-weiner-has-already-cut-a-huge-chunk-of-his-deficit-in-the-new-york-mayors-raceI have grown jaded, not about affairs, but about public figures presented by media as having insatiable sexual appetites. Throughout social media, Weiner has been labeled to be everything from a horny old man, to someone showing signs of sexual addiction.  Is his story truth or strategy?

If every man whom committed adultery were exposed as Weiner, we would probably witness a rapid decline, lol. What’s even more interesting is public reaction. We love to point our fingers, look disgusted, and feel disappointed in anyone but ourselves. We ask questions like, why would he do this AGAIN? Didn’t he learn his lesson the first time? As if we have never made the same mistake twice. I am not excusing his behavior, yet I am curious about Anthony Weiner and what lies behind his political facade.

-Noni Ayana

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