The Secret Truth About Masturbation

bible-church-funny-hell-masturbation-sex-Favim_com-42457I am not often surprised, but often intrigued by the people’s interest with masturbation. I have heard opinions from both sides of the spectrum. On one end, masturbation is deemed a sin. Anything providing sexual stimulation outside of one’s spouse is considered adultery and if unmarried, masturbation is considered fornication.

Recently, in a meeting of only women, I asked if anyone discussed masturbation with their parents. It was no shocker, the majority answered no. One woman described a conversation with her mother as educational, open, and non-judgmental. Her mother actually encouraged masturbation, describing self stimulation as a natural and safe method to experience sensual pleasure; as opposed to intercourse, possibly resulting in an unwanted pregnancy or contracting an STI.

Many opposing masturbation often view the act as dirty, unclean, perverted, and sinful. For the religious devoted, well… the single life just sucks. Life is already complicated enough having to navigate through a hyper-sexualized world, followed by a lifestyle involving no sex before marriage, one would think masturbation would be the one likely permissible path. Believers say no, this path is more likely to direct you towards the gates of hell. imagesCAVDK6QROn the opposite end of the spectrum many are experiencing ecstasy; party of one. Some couples masturbate in front of each other. Those alone, refusing to settle for another night of predictable unsatisfying sex, married or unmarried, chose to satisfy themselves. For some masturbation is the only way to orgasm. The truth is many people are masturbating, but you’ll never know. For many, masturbation is a secret, under the covers, behind closed doors, lights off, and for some while watching porn. Even more intriguing someone could possibly be thinking of you! Yes, you may be someone’s fantasy. Don’t act like you’ve never thought about it. No, we don’t openly discuss masturbation. You’re not casually saying to your friends, “I got to wash my car, pick up a few items from the grocery store, and then go home and jack off.”

For those that believe self stimulation is fornication and/or adultery, does this mean if eating chocolate turns me on to climax, I can no longer eat chocolate? imagesCAMCJGC0If caressing my own breasts is sexually stimulating, am I forbidden from caressing my breasts? If I am married, is only my husband to caress my breasts? If single, when turning myself on, am I committing fornication? If married, is this adultery? Does this mean the single woman is to not experience any means of sexual stimulation until she is married? If yes, the most appropriate response would be…damn.

Is there a religious faith cool with masturbation? Anyone? Anyone? FYI, May is National Masturbation Month…imagesCA8Y1H8K

It is not my intention to express whether masturbation is right or wrong. I’m not going to let you get off that easy. No pun intended. I just want you to know, the very person adamantly opposing masturbation is most likely self stroking.

-Noni Ayana

masturbation in  china-tonynwajeipost

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