Don’t you hate it when women…

ku-xlargeWe all have our likes and dislikes about the opposite sex. We are also sometimes oblivious of the many things we do that may actually be getting on some ones nerve, is a complete turn off, or causes frustration or anxiety. Why? Because people are not always honest about how they feel.  So I decided to ask a few friends to complete the following question and these are their responses. The first question was answered by all men. The second question was answered by all women.


“Don’t listen and have no patience.”

“Overdo it on trying to look beautiful.”

“Act like because they’re cute their automatically rich. KEEP CALM…bitches broke too, lol.”

“Don’t keep their feet up.”

“Ask a question or for your opinion, but don’t trust his words.”

“Don’t answer their cell phone after even the 12th straight call.”

“Don’t know when to shut up.”

“Arch their eyebrows.”


“Assume you are tryin to holler when you are sincerely speaking.”

“If you’re telling me you really wanna see me and you know I’ve been at work all day, but then don’t set things up. Some times I don’t want to have to figure things out.”

“Can’t take a compliment from the opposite sex.”

“When she says I’m leaving and then actually leave ten minutes later.”

“Say that’s just my home-boy, and she’s sleeping with the guy.”

“Hold onto your mistakes like luggage.”

“Ask what to wear.”

“Don’t give me head.”

“Complain about food and service at a restaurant.”

“Knows I want them, but won’t give me a chance.”

“Never offer to treat you for anything.”

“Says one thing and really mean something totally different.”

“Cookie stink.”

“Nag you to death!”

“Can’t give good head.”

“I don’t hate anything, but I dislike when women disrespect themselves.”

“Start an argument when you are on your way to a gig or a rehearsal.”

“Compare you to an ex-boyfriend.”

“Meet you and within 20 minutes of knowing you, start circling your pay days on their calendars.”

“Try to assume that they know how men think.”

“Prolong sex.”

“Always trying to check to see how much money you have and always putting a time on everything you do.”

“Expect you to know how they feel.”


“Can’t read my mind!”

“Say they are going to do something and when you call them out on it, they act like they didn’t hear you.”

“Assume I want to have sex with him, because he wants to have sex with me.”

“Smell bad.”

“Ask me why I’m single.”

“Say women are emotional creatures, but takes a heart-break so hard, he nearly creates a wall that can be damn near impenetrable!” #sensitiveself

“Are too lazy to come for me (as in pursue you because you have standards).”

“Have bad breath.”

“Look at other women’s booty while on a date.”

“Think you are as simple as they are.”

“Yell out the car window at you.”

“Lie, because they think you can’t handle the truth.”

“Is selfish and gets his first.”

“Lie, or call you babe when first meeting.”

“Don’t bother to clean up before inviting you over.”

Thank you to all whom participated! INSIDERS, feel free to add-on by replying below.

-Noni Ayana

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