Sexual Detox

imagesCA71BL56In my opinion, the proliferation of STDs, dysfunctional sexual relationships, and irresponsible sexual behavior is partially due to the lack of time we take to cleanse ourselves of earlier sexual experiences. This is very important for the person whom is unmarried and sexually active and for the person new to marriage. When the decision is to discontinue a physical relationship, one should allow the body to cleanse. What is a sexual detox? A process which allows the body to eliminate sexual baggage. This could include anything from your previous partners sexual energy to sexual/bodily fluid.

My personal recommendation:

After sexual activity or you have decided to discontinue sexual relations, allow your mind and body the time and space for release.

After a past sexual encounter do not immediately have sexual relations with a new partner. This is a time for cleansing. Cleansing includes meditation/prayer, refocusing, and also a food diet that promotes elimination of waste from the body. A sexual detox requires thinking and time, what many of the sexually active are not accustomed to, thus the proliferation of irresponsible sexual behavior.

Not to say that all sexually active people are sexually irresponsible. I commend those that are disciplined and responsible; considerate of not only their own safety but the safety of others.

I also highly recommend a sexual detox for people that have been sexually active and soon to be married. You, especially, should be willing to cleanse your body and prepare your mind for your soon to be life-partner.

The goal is for you to enter into your new sexual relationship with a cleansed body and the re-direction of your mind. Eliminating baggage from past sexual relationships and allowing your new partner to engage in a refreshed and re-focused you.

If you are interested in Noni Ayana creating a personalized sexual detox regimen for you, please fill the form below.

-Noni Ayana

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